Friday Faves: 17th July 2015

It's that time of the week again, it's Friday Faves time.

Luckily this week has gone quick and although the weekend is *almost* within touching distance, it couldn't come any sooner.

Here's what I've been la-la-la-lavin:

1. Topshop Doe-Eyed Mascara

I got this bad boy free in a giveaway I won that was hosted by Corrie form dizzybrunette3 (you can read all about it here). I was in dire need for a new mascara as I was getting bored of my current go-to products and felt like I needed a change.

And this works wonders.

Before trying this, I had often heard the term "doe-eyed" thrown around here and there, but never actually knew what it meant. Well, according to Google, it's something along the lines of someone who has large and gentle looking eyes - who knew?!

Anyway the product itself isn't too bad, it gives you longer and more defined lashes and really does help to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. However, it can be a bit clumpy so I pair it with the L'OREAL's Volume Million Lashes to separate and get rid of any clumps and it works like a dream.

Defo my new fave mascara.

2. Linseed Mix

There was no real healthy motive to buy these when I picked them up a while ago - I just kinda wanted to try them. I sprinkle them over porridge and more recently mixed them in with my Overnight Oats Recipe and they just add an extra crunch.

Little did I know of all the amazing health benefits they had until recently when I thought I'd research what I was actually sprinkling over my porridge.

Turns out, as well at sprucing up your breakfast, they are packed full of goodness.

Gluten-free fibre, Omega 3, reduce bloating and improving digestive function are but a few of the benefits that these seeds.

Summer bod here we come (lol jokes where's the chocolate).

3. Overnight Oats Recipe

Okay this may be a bit of a self promo and "wow look at me I can make fancy porridge" but no seriously, you gotta try this. 

I've seen this recipe a few times before but never thought to make it myself because well, porridge isn't the thing that you just have lying in your cupboard. 

So I went out and bought the ingredients to make some super fancy porridge and wrote a blog post about it here.

It's a gooden. Like its a real gooden. It's the type of food that tastes naughty and because it tastes sweet the part of you that wants to be skinny for summer thinks "nah this ain't good" when in actual fact, it's all kind of good. 

Rolled oats are slow releaser of energy and by having them for breakfast, you really are set for the day ahead. And when it gets to 12 you don't have those "is it just that little bit too early for lunch" feelings (who am I kidding it's never too early for lunch). It fills you up without making you feel stuffed like a stuffed crust pizza and you're full of healthiness and energy. 

It's a serious game changer for breakfast time and takes no effort - winner!

You can read more about how I made it here.

Defo give it a try. 

4. Aloe Vera

Flash back to a few months ago when I picked up two Aloe Vera plants from a school plant sale (just don't even ask) at a steal for £1 each. Thinking they'd freshen up my clinical looking room, I bought them purely for aesthetic reasons - okay and maybe for a blog photo background but who's to judge. 

But appaz it's like a well known fact that Aloe Vera can basically cure any skin related issues. Acne? This sweet stuff can get rid of it. Dry skin? These bad boys can hydrate your skin. Run out of moisturiser? Give you skin a lather of the jelly and you'll question why you've never used it before. 

This stuff is fab. 

The four I have now have grown triple the size when I got them and now, full of the juicy goodness, I've basically got the whole of Boots in my bedroom. 

You can read here the extensive list of what wonders they can do from moisturising to alleviating rashes and even banishing bruises, they can do it all. 

Srsly, pop down to your local Homebase or plant shop and pick up an Aloe plant. 

You and your skin can thank me later. 

5. Paper Straws

Oh god how sad. Me, Bethany Emerton has included paper straws into a Friday Faves post. What a time to be alive.

But no seriously <3 paper straws <3. It's the kind of accompaniment to your iced coffee in a mason jar that makes you look SO Pinterest and like you *might* be cool and current - totes me.

Once you use paper straws once (bcos y'know you can only really use them once), then you'll be hooked and probs never go back to plastic straws again.

I'm a straw addict and only ever drink from straws - gotta save the gnashers, durh - and these paper beauties really make me chuffed (I'm so used to drinking from straws that the other day I drank some water without a straw (omg I know don't even get me started) and I ended up dribbling the whole drink down me, classy or what).

So yeah , paper straws have been doing it for me this week - especially pink and white striped ones. Ahh It's the little things in life isn't it?

Have a look at these paper straws, they really blow mine out the water.

Oh and these are pretty sassy too. 

6. Whole Earth Organic Peanut Butter

This is defo a weird Friday Faves this, forgive me please.

But anyway, way back when in my Friday Faves back in May I included Meridian peanut butter in the post and thought I'd found the worlds best peanut butter. Oh but how I was so wrong. THIS beauty that is Whole Earth Peanut Butter is something else.

Packed with protein and fibre, this newly designed jar contains no added sugar and tastes fab. Spreaded on two slices of wholemeal toast, it's the perfect addition to your bog standard breakfast and isn't even that bad for you.

7. Matte Pink Nails

As you may know, I'm not really a colour kinda gal. Black, white and mabes even grey are pretty much the only colours I wear (okay maybe a bit of yellow and orange in the summer if I'm feeling REALLY kray).

And likewise with my clothing choice, my nails are also only ever two colours; nude or red. Nude and red just go with everything and are a safe bet on my nails. But the other day, I rummaged through my collection of 52 nail polishes (which FYI aren't just all nude and red) and picked up this combination.

The first is a pretty pale pink shade from Avon and the second, a clear matte top coat from Barry M.

Together they just look fab and are a combination that I'd never even considered let alone thought of. And being the brilliant nail technician that I am, my nails look so profesh - jokes. I mean they don't look too bad but here are some well profesh ones for you to drool at (#nailgoals).

But yeah, I've been loving the pink matte look and have had it on my nails all week *insert painting nail emoji*

And that's it for this weeks Friday Faves!

Thanks for reading!

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