33 Signs That You Know You're a Born and Bred Bournemouth Girl

Ah you've got to love Bournemouth, don't you? From the girls in bum shorts sharing a cigarette outside McDonald's to the amount of tourists you always complain about, you still love the place. And here's 33 signs that you know you really and truly are a born and bred Bournemouth girl...

1. You don't appreciate the 7 long miles of beach right on your doorstep even though it's the UK's most popular and expensive beach. Oh and not to mention it's the fourth best beach in Europe.

2. You're always so negative about the beach but always Instagram photos of it at sunset #nofilter

3. You purposefully avoid walking past McDonald's in town on a Saturday at lunchtime - don't want to get in the way of the hype kids now do you

4. When in actual fact, you used to be one of those hype kids

5. You've probably never been on the Bournemouth Balloon even though it's a well known tourist attraction

6. You're used to waking around town and being the only English-is-my-first-language speaking person there

7. You know that the Starbucks on Richmond Hill is far better than the Starbucks in the Triangle (not just because it's easier to walk to)

8. You've probably been to Moors Valley more times than you can count (the best birthday party destination durh)

9. You can tell the difference between a Bournemouth girl and a Poole girl without any problems

10. You're a secret supporter of AFC Bournemouth - go Cherries!

11. You never have an umbrella when you need it, even though you know it rains almost every single day

12. You've probably been on every single Yellow Bus there is, yeah even the 4d

13. Yet the Yellow Buses are the bane of your life

14. You feel obliged to eat fish and chips from Harry Ramsden's every summer

15. You never knew that the shopping arcade in Bournemouth opposite Primark (the one with The Perfume Shop and HMV) was called The Avenue, until now

16. You can't remember what life was like before there was a Primark in town - you mean, I actually went to the Boscombe Primark?!

17. You love Topshop but hardly ever go in because it's the complete opposite side of the town centre

18. You call the Town Centre "Town" because you're forever acting older than you are - sounds cool, right?

19. You went a bit crazy when Arg from Towie said he slept with a "Blondie from Bournemouth" - omg who could it've been?!

20. You know never to walk around Boscombe alone at night, or just alone for that matter

21. You've probably spoken to a couple of the Big Issue sellers, especially the one who shouts "BIIIIIGG ISSUUUUEE" outside the old River Island

22. You claim you hate Bournemouth and everyone living in it, when really you love where you live

23. You don't understand why so many people flock to Bournemouth to sea the red arrows - they do it everywhere, don't they?

24. You miss asking Gordon the Tramp what the time was - where did he get to?

25. You've been in the IMAX and seen it being knocked down - Wacky Warehouse aka childhood gone forever :(

26. You've probably almost been knocked over by a boy racer with a pimped out Ford KA whizzing along Westover Road

27. New Look is a key meeting point for you and your friends

28. You've been wolf-whistled at by a least 7 men whilst walking around town

29. You don't understand how people are still so amazed by the man who paints himself silver and stands still all day in the Square - it's not a real statue guys

30. You complain about tourists every time you go to town - there's just so many

31. You queued for a good 45 minutes when Sprinkles first opened

32. You've probably asked a foreigner to take a photo of you and all of your friends on the beach in summer - shouldn't it be the other way round?

33. You love Bournemouth and come to think of it, you do really love where you live no matter how many times you complain about it.


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