Friday Faves: 29th May 2015

I've currently just overdosed on toast and coffee this morning and I'm lying down to somewhat deflate my toast filled belly - yeah it's not a pretty sight.

Anyway enough with the toast talk, I've got a Friday Faves for you all and you're lucky I do because I wasn't going to post it but long story short, here's this weeks faves...

1. Patterned Trousers

These Primark bad boys features in my OOTW post earlier on this week and have literally been the only things I've been wearing - okay that might be a slight overexagguration but you get what I mean. They are so comfy and thrown on with a simple black tee it looks you've made somewhat of an effort, when really you haven't (those are the best kind of outfits). Anyway, if you want to hear more about them - other than the fact that I love them and that's why they're in this weeks faves - check out my OOTW post

2. Hannah Gale's blog

I hardly ever include other bloggers/vloggers into a faves post, I don't know why but whatever, Hannah Gale is in this weeks faves.

I've been reading her blog and watching her Youtube videos for a while now and can hands down say she is one of my faves, if not my favourite. She's down to earth, says it as it is and is hilarious. Read any of her blog posts and you'll see what I mean. Her blog screams humour, sarcasm and perfectly written posts and her Youtube videos are fab. Seriously, go check her out now!

3. Iced Coffee

Okay, I am a coffee obssesive. I never wanted to be one and I definitley never wanted to be that person who can't function without their morning coffee, but look where I've got to. I am now that person.

Every morning I make myself (the worlds best) iced coffee and don't know what I'd do without it. This isn't really a faves of this week in particular but for some reason I've never included it, so here it is.

4. Peanut Butter

Not just an old peanut butter, but the best peanut butter. This is from the brand Meridian and is made from nothing but peanuts. It's 100% peanut. Unlike other brands, nothing extra is added especially palm oil (read this for more info) which is a leading factor into deforestation and the death of many animals - crazy how buying this peanut butter will actually make a difference. Anyway this techincally is a healthy alternative to the other spreads out there and tastes delish - win!

5. VSCO Cam

I've never been a budding photographer. I've never had a decent camera to snap some shots on and my current Iphone 4s isn't the best quality for taking photos. I mean I love taking photos, I really do but none of them have ever turned out anything other than okay, well not until I found VSCO Cam. I had downloaded and fiddled around with it before but deleted and forgot about it.

After reading Vivianna from Vivianna Does Makeup's post about how she edits her Insta photos using VSCO Cam, I instantly re-downloaded it. My life has been changed. VSCO Cam has changed my life. It's so simple to use and really does change your photos from bleurghh to brill.

Just look at this one:

Thanks for reading!

Bethany x

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