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Okay so picture this. It's early June and nothing much is happening so you do a bit of online shopping; maybe a little browse on Zara and a little look here and there at what Topshop has to offer, you have a look at their makeup but don't purchase anything because you're saving for holiday. And then after some online window shopping, you take a look at dizzybrunette3's blog to see if she'd uploaded any new content. She has.

The title of the post is 5 Years of Topshop Beauty, you're intrigued so you read it. And if by fate, she is talking about products, some of which you have just spied on the Topshop website but didn't put in your basket. So then you carry on reading, scroll down a little more to find out she's doing a giveaway of a set of Topshop makeup. Without any hesitation (well okay maybe you freeze for like 0.1 second because you think that you *might* have a chance to win and you really bloody hope you do) you jam your details into the raffle and enter.

And then a few days past, you're currently in Spain, after hours of shopping you're sipping on a Starbucks Iced Coffee and catching some rays. Your phone buzzes and tells you it's an email. You assume it's from Groupon or some spam from someone called Abdul telling you that you have won a £1000 Tesco gift card. But this time it's not. You see a familiar name and freeze. It's from dizzybrunette3. "Nah this isn't legit" you tell yourself whilst taking another sip of your Starbucks. You open the email and read what it says. Turns out you've won the competition you entered and the email is infact from blogger and vlogger Corrie. You can't help but smile and as you're sitting by yourself, many Spanish folk walk by and give you the "What the eff are you smiling at?!" expression. But you don't care, you've just won a shi*t ton of makeup.

Typing faster than your little heart can catch up with, you reply in the cringiest and most eager-beaver way you can and give her your deets to ensure that you get the makeup sent asap.

She replies and you continue emailing back and forth (Oh Em Gee you're actually emailing a famous blogger PINCH ME).

And then fast forward to early July. You debate on whether you should email Corrie (again) and inquire about the whereabouts of your winnings. You decide not to. You don't want to sound annoying.

And so whilst you're epilating your legs and you've just about finished the first one, you hear the letterbox open and something thud on the floor. "Could it be?!" you question as you race downstairs with one epilated leg, the other resembling a cavemans armpit and a eagar dog in tow.

You see the holographic poolside blue jiffy bag lying face down on the floor amidst bills and junk mail. You pick up said jiffy bag and toss the other unwanted mail aside. With the name on the other side you say a little prayer in the hope that it is addressed to you and is not some band merch your brother has ordered from Amazon. You turn it over and as the sparkling blue packaging reflects on your face, you see your name plastered across the front. You gasp a little and jump up and down sending your dog crazy as he thinks he's going for a walk. As you run into the lounge, the package rattles in a way that sounds like it contains 7 pieces of Topshop makeup. At this point you find yourself sat in straddle (you little dancer at heart you) with the jiffy bag in front on the floor. Carefully yet quickly you tear open the seam and gently fish around to feel what's inside. You fist pump the air and scream "WOO" because you know what it is. It's the Topshop Makeup. You gently sprawl it out infront of you with your dog sniffing it and read the note inside.

Mesmerised by what you see, you go through each piece individually and thank your lucky stars for winning. But you can't open the products just yet, oh no. You rush outside with the package under your arm and snap a few shots in the sunshine for your blog before tweeting Corrie to thank her and then sitting down to write this post.

Okay so story aside, I did win the set of Topshop makeup and this blog post is to tell you what I won and how the products are.

And am I bloody chuffed to be writing this.

Brow Palette in Fetch

This little dinky thing is a compact brow palette containing two brow shades, a mirror, a micro sized spoolie, double ended eyebrow brush and tweezers. The shades do look a little on the light side but there's no harm in mixing it in with my current brow routine to see what results I'll get (don't you worry, I'll report back). The packaging itself is so cute. It's handy and travel friendly size makes it perfect to slip into any handbag or makeup bag and the miniature tools are defo going to get used

And it's in the shade Fetch, what's more to love.

Watch this space.

Doe-Eyed Lashes

Now this, I'm super excited about trying. After seeing Corrie's photos of her wearing all this makeup and after gaping out how her eyelashes looked, I couldn't wait to try it. This claims that is "dramatically defines, lengthens and lifts lashes" and front what the photos looked like, I'm sure it definitely does.

The matte black packaging makes it look SO chic and I can't wait to see the results.

Chubby Liner

Okay I'll admit, I've never been one for eyeliner, let alone liquid eyeliner, I just can't fathom trying it because what happens if it goes wrong?! Will I look like I've been punched in the face?! Will it go so wrong that I'll have to take my makeup off and start again?! Nah, not for me. But now that I've recieved this, I kinda have an excuse to give it a try.

It's a thicker nib than I've seen and so technically it should be easier to apply. So if I can master it be sure to see photos coming soon.

Glow Stick in Spotlight

This looks incredible.

This chubby stick is of glowing and higlighting wonder and gives the impression that if you wear it, you *might* look good enough to sing Diamonds by Rihanna. But anyway. This pinky toned glow stick is nothing that I've ever tried before. I use a highlighter on the daily and toy between my one from Nars and my Urban Decay one but they're both powdered and a liquidy form of highlighter is something which I've never tried before. And I can't wait.

I can just imagine how incredible and gorgeous this will look on my cheeks and I will defo report back on my findings.

Lipstick in Nevada

This is the only product out of the set that I actually already own, but by no means was that stopping me from entering. Topshop's Nevada lipstick is one of my all time fave lipsticks, it's so easy to wear and I've talked about it many times here and here.

But this one is different. Well technically the product and formula itself is the same but the packaging is different and 10 times better.

It's rose gold.

Yep that's right, rose gold.

It's just to die for.

There's not much I can say about this so I'll just let the photos do the talking.

Nail Varnish in Wardrobe

This is rich blue shade and in some lights can look black. It's probably not a shade I'll wear on my fingernails if I honest but for me it's a toenail kinda colour. I tend to stick to nudes and classic reds on my fingernails and my toenails is the place for crazy colours like this.

However, like all Topshop nail varnishes, the quality of the polish is excellent and chipping isn't something you'll even have to think about during the first week of it being on your nails.

Single Eyeshadow in Galaxy

Firstyly, how cool are the names of all these products?!

This looks incred.

This bronzey, brown shade is a perfect and versatile product. Like all browns, they can be made smoky and can take you from day to night easily and look fab on anyone.

I can't wait to try this because on Corrie it looked amazing!

And that's it!

Thank you for reading today's post and a massive thank you to Corrie and Topshop too!

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