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I'm not one to sport a statement red lip on many occasions, or any bright lip colour for that matter. I'm still lurking somewhere in unfamiliar territory when it comes to lipsticks, I mean my lips are never bare and there's always something on them but never anything makes you go "wow" or "I wonder what lipstick she's wearing?".
Saying that though, I am a firm lover of all things nude, nude lipsticks and lip liners of course - what else were you thinking?! I play it safe with my usual matte nude lipstick and nude lip liner and rarely dare to venture into the unknown.

Slowly but surely, I'm gently easing myself into the world of lipsticks and trying to tear myself away from the not-so-adventurous pale pink shades and my signature nude lip.

At this moment in time, I have 4 lipsticks that are at the top of my (pretty pathetic to be honest) collection of lipsticks. Half of them are nude lips (I promise I'm not Kylie Jenner), one a quite daring - well very daring actually - colour and the last a more everyday appropriate shade.

MAC - Honey Love (Matte)

This was kindly bought for me from a friend of mine and was my first ever MAC product. This is my favourite out of my collection for many reasons other than it just being MAC. Even though the finish of the lipstick is matte, the consistency when applying is creamy which makes it a lot easier to work with. Unlike other matte lipsticks, it doesn't dry on the lips and make them looked cracked. I tend to pair this with my No.7 Nude Lip Liner and they work together like a dream!

Sleek True Colour - Vamp (Matte)

Yes, I know. After blabbing on about how I am a bright lip phobic, I include the darkest plum shade there is into one of my favourite lipsticks, shoot me. The reason as to why I included it into my favourites is down to the fact that I'm trying to persuade myself into one day wearing it somewhere other than my bedroom, in front of a mirror. Although the wintry months are still with us, I personally believe a shade this dark and rich in colour is better suited to November/December time - I got out of that one didn't I. Other than being a very daring shade and one I may possibly wear one day (watch this space), the finish of this product is a very true one. The matte finish is perfect and like MAC's Honey Love, it doesn't leave your lips feeling dry and cracked. It is a bit tricky to apply and pulls on the lips slightly but other than that it is a lipstick with a lot of pigment and one that I will one day have the guts to wear.

Topshop - Nevada

I managed to get this bad boy free in a goodie bag that Topshop were giving out upon a purchase at my local store. The colour is very similar to MAC Honey Love but without the matte finish. Nevada is much more of a creamy consistency and feels moisturising on the lips. As for application, well that's a doddle. It is so easy to put on and also works well with my No.7 Nude Lip Liner too! Nevada is also a very good cheaper alternative to achieving the desired Kylie Jenner lip.

Bobbi Brown Creamy Lip Colour - Pale Petal 58

My most safest lipstick and one which I worn at Prom, this Bobbi Brown lipstick kick started my collection and broke my lipstick virginity back in July. I would consider this shade to be more of an everyday colour that can be easily paired with minimal make up or as a simple lip to not draw attention away from a heavy eye look. Just like the name suggests, this lip colour is very creamy which makes it so easy to apply. Not only does it give a dash of pink to the lips it also moisturises them and doesn't leave them feeling dry and cracked - what more could you want!

From left to right: Topshop Nevada, Sleek Vamp, MAC Honey Love and Bobbi Brown Pale Petal
And so that concludes my favourites out of my hopefully-soon-to-be-growing lipstick collection, just watch this space.



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