Friday Faves: 12th June 2015

I was debating whether to actually upload this or give you another holiday post which, by now, you're probably sick and tired of or jealous - or all of the above.

So I thought I'd break it up a bit and compromise with a Friday Faves with a holiday twist. As I'm in Spain right now and usually the favourites for the week are found during the week, a few of my favourites do have a Spanish influence.

Anyway, here is this weeks Friday Faves...

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer

I packed this on a whim and after realising that there was no point in taking my practically empty Collection concealer so I had no choice but to settle for this. And I'm shocked. I don't know why I've never used it before! The coverage is medium just how I prefer it and the colour is identical to my skin.

Due to the hot weather it would be detrimental to my skin if I applied a thick layer of foundation (plus the rest) to my face everyday so instead of my usual full makeup routine I dot this over any imperfections, spots and discolouration and blend it in with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

The finish leaves my skin looking flawless and doesn't build up in oily clumps around my nose like previous concealers I've tried tend to do. Thanks to the drastic change in weather - from mild and fairly cold England to the humid and 30 degree heat of Spain - my skin has had a major outbreak and families of volcanoes have settled down and made themselves at home all down my t-zone. Fab. However this does the job of covering them and stays put for a full day in the heat.

If the concealer is this good, I wonder if the foundation is on par? If you have tried it, please let me know your views.

Nike Pool Sliders

I was tempted to leave these out as I'm planning on doing some form of holiday haul and these bad boys would be in it but I just couldn't.

I picked these up when I went to La Roca Village which is basically the Spanish equivalent of Bicester Village (you can read what else I got up to in La Roca Village here) and have not taken them off ever since.

At the time I was shopping in La Roca Village I was wearing some awfully cheap black Primark flip-flops which had basically severed my toe and continued to gnaw my skin off upon every step I took (TMI I know I'm sorry) so as soon as I saw a Nike outlet I rushed in with the hope of picking up some ultra cool swanky trainers.

Unfortunately said ultra cool swanky trainers did not exist in this store (unless you like neon pink trainers with flecks of neon orange, neon green laces and to top it off a 3 inch chunky sole). After moments of wandering round I came across these and instantly fell in love. I mean, they're not something which you'd see and would have the natural reaction of "OH EM GEE LOOK AT THOSE BEAUTIES!!!!!!!!!" but I have a tendency to love the look of "odd" footwear that you wouldn't necessarily picture me wearing (ie my Birkenstocks).

I have wanted a pair of these for a long long time and as soon as I slipped my foot inside I knew I just had to get them. They're not the most attractive looking shoe nor are they incredibly fashionable but the comfort and the way I intend on styling them overrides the above. They are like walking on clouds. Like walking on fluffy white clouds. Soooo comfy.

Now that I've bought them, I've struggled to convince myself to wear the other 6 pairs of shoes that I brought with me - oops.

Vive Soya Cappuccino Drink

I'm used to having my homemade Iced Soya Cappuccino every morning when I wake up back in England, but with no Dolce Gusto or my trusted Americano coffee pods, I've had to compromise. When browsing the local supermarket, I came across this. I only ever drink Soya milk and have done for a while now (as dairy/cows milk tends not to agree with me - let's just put it that way) and something like this would almost be hard, if not impossible to find back in England.

 I needed to get my daily coffee fix somehow and this was the answer.

And boy is it good.

It has got nothing on me and my iced coffee skills (obvs) but it'll do for my time here.

I'm pretty sure these, or a version of, don't exist in the U.K., especially ones with Soya milk but please correct me if I'm wrong.

But anyway, this is fab and I wish I could take it home with me.

Nivea Pearl & Beauty Roll-On Deodorant

Okay this is a weird one.

Most Friday Faves include that one weird product. Like the time when I included an apple corer on the 6th March or that time on the 30th January when I included the Money Supermarket Advert, yeah we've had some pretty weird ones in the past.

But just here me out.

This isn't a new product nor is it something that you need to rush out and buy this instant but one of those products which gets pushed to the side and forgotten about and whenever you start using it again, you question why you ever stopped using it.

Anyway, as airport rules and regulations state that you cannot take over 100ml per product and cannot take aerosols on board, I had to settle for a roll on deodorant. I've had roll ons in the past and never loved the wet/sticky armpit you get left behind with and so I've always stuck with sprays. However this was something that was rolling around (I say rolling but I really mean neatly organised in the deodorant section of my beauty drawer) and thought that it would be perfect to take with me. I decided to purchase a new one because y'know when going on holiday you have to buy new stuff and so I just added this to my already long shopping list.

The smell if divine and doesn't burn your underarms like some sprays can do if you spray it too close to your skin. Yes, this does leave a slightly wet texture afterwards but only for a short while as after 30 seconds or so, it gets absorbed and you're good to go.

A deodorant is a deodorant and it's had to compare with others as everyone and everyone's underarms are different but this is just simply great. It does the job, leaves your pits smelling fab and fresh and doesn't leave white flakes allover your blacks clothes like the sprays do.

Defo pick this up if you're going on holiday! It's compact and travel-friendly size makes it perfect to slip into your bag.

And that's all for this weeks Friday Faves.

P.S. A massive Happy Birthday to my best friend Scarlett who's 17th birthday is today and unfortunately I can't be with her to celebrate it BUT HB SCAZ XXXXXXXXXXXX

Thank you for reading!

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