Friday Faves: 30th January 2015

I'm currently sat here snuggled up in bed, sporting my new Zara tee which reads "Went to bed with a dream and woke up with this cool t-shirt" (it's fab, I know) and clasping my large cappuccino in a mug which I may, or may not have borrowed/stolen from Costa - it had two handles, I couldn't not.

Can I just point out that this will be the third, yes third, "Friday Faves" post *gives self pat on back* so far I've stuck to it and I'm proud of myself.

Here we go...

1. Slogan Tees

Yes, yes yes. I am blabbing on about slogan tees - again. I probably sound like a broken record and if you read my blog you would have come into contact with numerous posts which express my undying love for all things slogan tee related (you can read some of them here and here). It's the time of the year when Zara's Christmas/New Year's sale goes mad and everything ends up being 75% off, basically the best thing in the world. I managed to pick up 5 slogan tees in the sale recently and they were all either £5.99 or £3.99, yes I know BARGAIN! I tend to pair them with a black bomber jacket, black bottoms and white trainers, you know I like to keep it colourful.

2. Aldi's New "The Foodie Market" Range

My personal fave is mushing avocado with salt, pepper and spring onions on top of the crispbread.
Jumping on the "Healthy January" bandwagon, Aldi have brought out a brand new range of delicious superfoods, from nuts, to crispbread to dried fruits, Aldi have got it down to a tee. They're perfect for on the go or just as a healthy snack and the three I've tried are yuuuuuummy.

3. Money Supermarket Advert

Okay, I'm not going to lie, this is a bit of a weird favourite but once you've seen this advert you'll know what I'm talking about. BEST ADVERT EVER. This advert had me in stitches and even features Shazza O. Well done MoneySuperMarket round of applause to you.

4. Nicki Minaj's New Album "The Pinkprint"

Yes okay, I like Nicki Minaj. I'm not one of those "Barbiez", I promise, I just like her music, think of it as a guilty pleasure. Her new album, released back in December, features collabs from the likes of Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Jeremih. If this is your kinda music, check it out (get it?).

5. Pinrest

I do apologise for the lack of actual material items that feature in this weeks faves. Pinrest is nothing new but to me it is. I've heard everyone, even my mother - yes my mother - mention Pintrest in sentences regarding where she has her ideas from or something she'd seen, so I thought I'd go take a took. And OMG do I love it. There are so many ideas to get from there and I'm itching to re-arrange this and that. Go check out my board here.

And that concludes a, personally, quite disappointing Friday Faves. Thank you for reading.




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