Here's What Happened When I Went To Spain: Day 3 & 4


So I've been in Spain for three days and with a Sephora within walking distance, I thought I was about time I made a visit and lost my Sephora virginity (srsly did I just say that).

As I've never been to a Sephora before BECAUSE THE U.K. DOESN'T HAVE ONE - srsly that needs to be changed pronto - I didn't know what to expect when I went in. I knew it would have the distinct monochrome entrance and be filled with makeup of every variety and brand - obvs. But I just didn't know what I was in for and boy I wasn't disappointed.

The sweet sweet smell of perfume, happiness and eyeshadow palettes left right and centre hit me upon first step onto the sparkling floor. At this moment in time I was the only person (let alone the only English person) in the shop and an assisant quickly hurried over to give me a basket big enough to carry a small child. With it held in the crook of my arm, I headed straight to Sephora's own section to compose myself before I went H.A.M. (hard as a mother f*cker) and threw everything into my basket.

Overwhelmed would be an understatement.

As I moved from Sephora's own section already with a palette in my basket, I didn't know where to begin. Do I play it safe and go over to the Benefit concession which I know????? Do I venture further afield and see what Marc Jacobs has to offer?????? But look there's NARS.

Yeah I found the Nars concession.

Within two seconds of stepping foot into the designated section my eyes were darting all over the place. I'm pretty sure I managed to say "Ooooh look at that" or "OMG GIMME THAT" a few times before the assistant came over and offered to help. She took me over to the Marc Jacobs, bareMinerals and Too Faced stands and showed me products which I literally wanted to grab and throw into my basket, but with a hefty price tag (and plenty more shops to go into) we went back over to Nars where I asked her to help me decided which colour to get for the Contour Blush (something I had been eyeing up on the website for a long time). She suggested Paloma and with no doubt in my mind it was in my basket before she could say "What else can I get for you?".

With just under 70€ of makeup porn sitting in my basket and (this is no joke) 11 laps of the shop later (they must have thought I was some kind of weirdo), I thought it was best that I headed over to the till. 

The lovely assistant also gave me three free samples and the classic Sephora bag before I trotted out feeling overwhelmed, ecstatic but also a little guilty.  

I picked up a present for my Mum from Zara before exploring the neighbouring shops that I've never set foot in before but always browsed online. Pull & Bear, Bershka and Kiko where next on the list. With nothing I liked apart from the displays, music and the clothes that would never look that good on me I headed to Kiko. 

Um hello. No one ever told me how cheap Kiko was!!!!!!!!!!

And hello. Why isn't there one in the U.K.??????

U.K. sort your sh*t out and get something other than Boots or Superdrug!!!!!!!


I managed to pick up two eyeshadows - one in an individual palette and one in stick form - after god knows how many laps of the tiny shop taking in everything and stopping myself from buying anything remotely liquid because airport restrictions uhhh. Kiko also had a sale on at the time (winning) so both of the products I bought were around 50% off.

Four and a half hours later and an arm full of shopping bags, I made the short walk home (I say "home" but I mean my Auntie's apartment") and made it back just in time for lunch. 

And then later on in the afternoon, my work experience officially began.

Yes I know so far it's looked like I've been doing nothing but shopping, sunbathing and sighseeing - all of which is true - but my work experience hadn't started until 3:30pm on the Monday.

That afternoon I helped out in three classes where two of them included pupils aged between 11-14 and another ages 3-6. My Auntie is English and lives in Spain and so she teaches Spanish to the children in the local area. It was interesting to see how good some of the kids were at speaking English and put my lack of Spanish to shame (literally my vocab expands from "Hola" to "No hablar Espanol" which means I don't speak Spanish).

On day four I spent the morning in the Spanish equivalent of Bicester Village in the U.K. It was designer shopping outlet named La Roca Village and includes shops from Calvin Klein to Gucci to Nike and many many more.

The gated village itself is beautiful and is outside as well as being pedestrian only. The shops are disguised in traditional Spanish buildings and although the photos don't do it justice, the setting that the designer outlets are in is mega Instagram worthy.

I only managed to purchase some Nike Sliders for a steal at 14€ and a Starbucks (standard procedure - plus I even got to write my own name). 

Again that evening I went with my Auntie to help out in three of her classes as part of my work experience - the main reason I am here. In those classes I helped the pupils with typical day to day questions which allowed them to expand their English vocab through questions such as "What do you do in your free time?".

Thanks for reading!

Bethany x

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