Friday Faves: 6th March 2015


Okay first of all, I apologise. I apologise for slacking on last weeks Friday Faves (or lack of). The only excuse I have is that I didn't really even have any faves to blog about. So instead I treated you all to a Fifty Shades special which you can read here if you haven't already.

With all the apologising aside, let's get into to this week's faves and this week is a bumper edition as a sorry for missing last weeks...

1. Skinny Bitchin' By Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

Hallelujah. Hallelujah for this book. 

This lifesaver was published back in 2008 so you could say I'm late (very, very late) on the bandwagon. I came across this whilst having a browse on Amazon and I'm so glad I did. This book was a much needed kick up the a*** and I couldn't have found it a much better time. Essentially, the book is a compilation of inspiration quotes paired with suggestions to get you going whilst giving you enough blank space to "let you do your thing" aka write down whatever you want. 

This book is hard to describe unless you are familiar with Rory and Kim and their Skinny Bitch series. If you want to change our life then seriously READ. THIS. BOOK.

2. Bomb Cosmetics

These aren't what they seem. They're not doughnuts or cupcakes and if you have read my blog post last Tuesday, you'll know what they are (you can read it here if you haven't already).

They are in fact goodies for the bath!

Mind blown.

I've never been a massive bath bomb lover but these have 100% converted me. Bomb Cosmetics are a brand which sell instant pick-me-ups and sweet smelling goodies in the form of Bath Blasters, Bath Mallows and Bath Brulees - to name but a few. If you want the pleasure of a doughnut, minus the calories but with moisturised and wonderful smelling skin instead, then this is perfect for you.

3. Leather Trousers

I've been after a good pair of slim fit leather trousers for a while now but all I've ever been able to find are leather leggings or some super heavy duty pair of trousers which don't have the slim fit that I so badly wanted. But once again, H&M haven't failed to impress me. I found these bad boys last week and were reduced from £30 to a steal at only £15 so I had to get them - obviously. 

At the time I found these, they only had my size left and had a 10% off and free delivery offer, so it was clearly meant to be. Although they're fairly restrictive (meaning I can't bend over or sit down on a chair without looking like I've got a sh*t in my pants), they're a soft faux leather material and fit perfectly. 

4. Apple Slicer

This is something that will excite you if you have braces and find it hard to eat apples or if you're a middle aged woman who finds pleasure in kitchenware. Well, I'm neither, I just love apples.

I'm not one to turn down a handy kitchen tool and this apple slicer/corer is so easy to use, handy and just fab really, what else can I say.

5. Red Leather Jacket

Before you start; yes I know it's colour and yes I know I somewhat resemble Michael Jackson in the Thriller music video when I wear this but I don't care. This iconic piece is a classic shape and colour, and something which undoubtedly can be worn all year round. I'm never been a fan of colour let alone red, but after purchasing this and forcing myself to wear it, I have grown to love it. It's a very daring piece to pull off and is definitely a statement piece. I tend to pair this with an all black or monochrome outfit to break it up and add a (much needed) pop of colour.

This was an absolute baragin at only £10 from Primark (you know that sale Primark has all year round when they're trying to shift old stock and if you dig around for long enough you'll find a beauty in there somewhere - yeah that's where I found it). If this is up your street or like me, you need a splash of colour in your life, head on over to your local Primark and see if this MJ jacket is in there somewhere.

P.S. Two out of the three pockets are ACTUAL REAL POCKETS - win!

6. Qucumber Water

Don't ask me why I bought this.

I know it will cost like 0p to make this a home (which I have done before and it tastes lush, a bit plain but lush) but I was swayed by the fancy packaging okay. Unlike my homemade version this has sparkling water, cute packaging and did I mention cute packaging, so yeah I bought it.

I mean it's nothing really amazing and not something that YOU HAVE TO TRY IT RIGHT NOW OMFG but something to pick up if you like cucumber or water (lol you have no choice, you have to love it otherwise you'll die) or cute packaging, so yeah :)

7. Paperchase Postcards

This is the beginning to my future postcard collection FYI.

These aren't postcards that I particularly wish to send out (lol soz guys) but more for decorative purposes and at 60p from Paperchase, I couldn't really say no. They have loads to choose from in there, there's funny ones (like really funny, you'll probs be laughing in the shop), really cute ones and ones that you probs wouldn't send but have on display (like the ones I've bought). Paperchase don't sell postcards online, so you actually have to go in the shop to buy them. 

8. FourFive Seconds By Kanya West, Rihanna and Paul McCartney

This song came out a while ago now and as soon as it came out I was all over it like thrush. After a while, my love for it died down until recently and now I can't stop playing it - it's got Kanye in it, how could I not?! So if you haven't heard it yet, definitely check it out!

9. Co-op £1 Daffodils

Ahhhh Spring. Daffodils undoubtedly signify the start and all things Spring-y. When I saw these in Co-op I had to buy them in a bid to brighten up my monochrome room and add a bit of, well life really.

Many, if not all, supermarkets sell £1 daffodils and there's something about buying flowers that just makes you feel happy and giddy (or that might just be me, who knows). They take a few days to bloom and so far most of them haven't fully flourished but for now, they sit nicely on my desk and make me happy :)

P.S. They smell like p*ss though

And on that lovely note, that is all for this weeks Friday Faves.

Thank you for reading!



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