Sweet Treats: Bomb Cosmetics Review

This post contains items which were gifted and/or PR samples.

We all love a good pampering once in a while and we all love some guilty sweet treats perhaps more than once in a while, and I think I've just found something that combines the two.

Ever heard of calorie-free cakes and doughnuts? Well, they exist. Maybe not in the edible form that you were hoping but in bath bomb form - even better?!

Bomb cosmetics is a company and, dare I say it, a rivalry to a brand you may have already heard of. Bomb specialise in producing cosmetics that not only smell wonderful and are good for your skin, but products that contain all natural ingredients and don't hurt the planet. From Bath Blasters to Bath Mallows and even Bath Brulees, Bomb have got sweet treats for you and your bath down to a tee. At pocket money prices, the almost-good-enough-to-eat-except-you-can't-eat-them cosmetics can liven up any bath and to be quite honest make you crave cupcakes and doughnuts (thanks Bomb).

So now that you've come to realise the photo wasn't a picture of some yummy cupcakes and doughnuts but it actual fact an array of bath bombs you're probably a little disappointed but just hold on!

The guilt free treats turn your bath into a spectacle and smell incredible.

Here are a few of the ones I love:

Bright Lights, Big City Whoopie Bath Blaster

As seen in the action shots at the beginning of this post, this Whoopie Bath Blaster certainly does live up to its name. I held this bad boy under the warm tap and watched as it fizzed and oozed out an explosion of pink, bubbles and lots and lots of glitter! As you can see, it left the bath a sparkly pink shade and smelt absolutely amazing. I also used the remainder of the Blaster as a body scrub for the rest of my body and massaged it in - I seriously recommend doing this, if you can find it under all the bubbles that is.

Violet Night Bath Mallow - Review to follow

French Fancy Bath Mallow - Review to follow

So if you're ever in need of a quick pick-me-up or fancy a sweet treat (minus the calories) head on over to Bomb Cosmetics and order yourself some goodies.

You can check out Bomb Cosmetics here.

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