Friday Faves: 11th September 2015

I'm back with my first Friday Faves since my absense and boy have I missed it.

I've missed rounding up my faves from the week to share with you what I've recently been loving or have rekindled my love for. So I thought I'd jump back into the weekly routine and give you a bumper special of a Friday Faves and give you a good'en this week to enjoy.

Here it is...

1. Nakd Nibbles Coconut Bliss

I thought I'd kick it off with some food because well, who doesn't love food. I found these beauties in Boots and they taste delish. They're the perfect little snack to keep you going throughout the day and they're not even *that* bad for you. They're gluten, wheat and dairy free and a whole load of superfood just simply smooshed together in little brown shaped balls (lol I promised they taste SO much better than I'm describing them).

I've mentioned the salted caramel ones here before and explained how much I loved them and these are just the same and just as yummy.

I'm pretty sure most supermarkets stock them so go and pick up a packet cos they really are delish.

Oh and soz for no actual photo of them, I was so peckish that I just had to eat them.

2. MAC Velvet Teddy

Yep, how cliche of me. But seriously, I bloody love this. In my post on Wednesday (which you can read here) I yapped on about how much it is the perfect "your-lips-but-better" nude and how versatile it is.

It's a MAC lipstick, of course it's going to be faultless.

Read previous post to get the low down on how I wear it and how you *might* just look like a Kylie Jenner doppleganger if you own this - emphasis on the might.

3. Stationery

If you know me well enough, you know how much I am obsessed with  love stationery. From notebooks and pencil cases to post-it notes and felt tips, anything stationery you can through it all my way. And with it being back to school I obvs had to buy all new stationery.

There's a slight black, white and gold theme in this years collection and I'm in laaav with it all. If you're a stationery obsessive like me, you know how thrilling it is to buy new stationery especially when it's for the start of school.

Most of my best stationery purchases have been from TK Maxx, if you're seriously into your notebooks you will no need to go anywhere else because TK Maxx is the one.

The white and gold clipboard that you can see in the photo is from TK Maxx and it also comes with a pad of paper inside as well. The white and gold chevron notebook is actually from Home Bargains and cost something ridiculously cheap like 99p but look how well they match each other!!! *insert a million heart eye emojis*.

The pencilcase is actually a reuse from last year (I know what am I doing) and was from H&M for £3.99. It has lasted me so well and fits way more than I actually need. Plus the gold engraving of the word "PENCILS" just makes it fit my theme and look that extra bit cool.

4. Rings

I've always wanted to be that person who's fingers are covered in rings but I literally can't handle more than five because I start playing with them and thay fall off and there's not really that much point. But when I stumbled across these bad boys in H&M for only 50p each in the sale (I know SO megz cheap) I obvs had to get them.

I've got quite small hands and so I can never find any jewellery for my hands to fit but H&M has always got my back because they stock size XS/S (lol this is the only ever time that something I wear is a small). These rings were all size XS/S and are a mixture of midi and normal sized rings and look perfect on my fingers.

I tend to always steer towards dainty rings and these ones (especially the gold ones with pearls) are my absolute faves.

5. Heeled Boots

Now it's Autumn it's only right that I buy myself a pair of AW boots, right?

Well anyway, I picked up these sleek black boots from New Look a few weeks ago as said AW boots and I am in luuurrrrvv.

I'm a major pointed shoe whore and always opt for a pointed shoe when I can and when I saw that these bad boys were pointed I put them straight in my basket.

They're such a classic shaped shoe and the point just add that extra touch of sophistication to an already classy shoe. The heel isn't a bad height also but can be a bit uncomfortable when wearing them on a 6 hour shift.

Defo have a look on the New Look website for these bad boys and make them your AW staple shoe for this year.

6. Mistakes Were Made (but not by me) By Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson 

It's not that often (quite rare infact) that I read a book, let alone include on in my Friday faves but a few have made it into some of my Friday Faves in the past and this week I've got a book to share with you all.

It's not a fiction book and probably a book that only a select few people might find interesting but I just have to share it.

I'm studying Psychology for on of my A Levels and after being suggested to do some outside reading around the subject I picked up this (and two other books, lol eager) in the library. The thing that got me interested was the title of the book, the synopsis and the way that it is kinda really relatable (plus the picture is quite funny too but y'know can't judge a book by it's cover and all).

To cut a long story short (eyy see what I did there) this book was written by renowned social psychologists Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson and the book looks into how the brain is wired for self-justification and it asks and answers questions such as Why do people dodge responsibility when things go wrong? and Are we all liars? 

If you study Psychology or the brain and the reasons why we do things interests you, then I defo recommend this book. Not only is it a really interesting read, it's written so well that it's hard to put down (lol why am I sounding like I love books).

You can buy it here on Amazon.  

And that concludes my Friday Faves for this week!

Thank you for reading!

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