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Long time no blog, I know.

In the (long) time it's been since I jammed a few sentences together, threw in some witty humour and iPhone 6 quality photos, I've collected a fair amount of makeup and I'm here today to share it with you. I've collected a fair amount of high-end and drugstore makeup over the last few weeks and surprisingly ALL are part of my go-to makeup and products that I frequently use (which is always a good thing). And so without further ado, here's not only my New in: Makeup post, but my first (real) back to blogging post...

YSL Touche Éclat in Shade 2

Way back when in June when I jetted off to Spain for a weeks work experience I failed to pick up this cult beauty product at duty free and told myself that on my next holiday I had to snap it up for a bargain at duty free.

So when it came around to the end of July when I went on holiday to Majorca I managed to purchase this bad boy for a fab price.

The gold packaging of the product is obvs TO DIE FOR and the fact that it is a clicky pen is just SO fun. On a less aesthetic note, the product itself is faultless. It perfectly covers dark undereye circles as well as any kind of blemish and all in one click this bad boy conceals, highlights and adds radiance to your face, all without feeling cakey or too heavy.

I chose shade 2 which is a tad lighter than I would normally be matched for for concealer but by going a shade lighter is really helps ito illuminate your face and counteract undereye circles. If this iconic beauty pen isn't in your makeup bag yet, then I suggest you head on down to your nearest YSL counter and snap it up asap.

C'mon it's iconic, how could you not?!

Dior Addict Fluid Sticks in Shade 379 Tropiques and Shade 779 Plaisir

I have my dear friend Annie to thank for these. As well as these two beauties she also gave me a whole stash of Dior eyeshadows, bronzers and powders but more of that to come later.

These two fluid sticks are basically the love child of a lipstick and a lip gloss. The constituency of the product is a little thicker than your usual lipgloss but unlike most lipglosses the colour is more rich and opaque. These two colour in particular are gorgeous and apply to your lips with ease.

With a single sweep you get the longwear of a lipstick mixed with a vibrant and a sheen of gloss. The colour lasts all day and really are a cut above your basic lipgloss.

As well as being longwearing, super pigmented and coming in gorgeous shades; the Fluid Sticks are also very aesthetically pleasing. The silver and transparent packaging is so chic and something that would still look good rolling around in the bottom of your handbag.

If you're a Dior fan or fancy giving your lips a new lease of life go and buy these beauties.

You can buy them here.

MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

Yes I know the whole Kylie Jenner, matte nude lip and Velvet Teddy hype was months ago and yes, I know I am (very) late onto the bandwagon but here me out. I'm the type of person who likes to wait for the initial excitement to go down before I make up my mind and try new products and so I thought a few months after said hype was about the right time to get my Velvet Teddy on.

And so the other day on a girly shopping trip with my bffl Scarlett, we popped into MAC to fulfill my "I need a new lipstick" moment. I was looking for a "your lips but better" kinda shade and 14 swatches later I picked up this bad boy and without even knowing the name of it, I knew I had found the one I wanted.

It fits the bill of "your lips but better" perfectly as well as giving you the look of a browny/nude lip - which is one that I also steer towards most days. It lasts all day with a few touches up here and there and can be dabbed onto the lips ot create a subtle nude lip or applied more thicker for a full on KJ inspired (minus the fillers) lip look.

You can buy it here on the MAC website (and no, it is not out of stock).

Maybelline The Eraser Eye Concealer in Nude

This is a repurchase for me and something that ever since I found it (well over 4 years ago) I've always loved. Apart from the apparent unhygienic sponge applicator, the click twist action for product is convenient and the actual product itself is super lightweight as well as being full coverage.

Like the Touche Eclat, it's perfect for covering dark under eye circles as well as blemishes and uneven skin tone. I always repurchase this in the shade Nude as I find Light to be too light for my complexion and with Nude I can use it to cover and conceal.

This little drugstore beauty lasts for a long time and one twist can cover your undereyes as well as blemishes (this depends on the size of your face though).

Purchase it here.

Maybelline Superstay Better Skin Foundation in Sand 30

Who remembers way back when in my Friday Faves on the 12th of June when I mentioned the concealer version of this duo? Well have a read here to familiarise yourself with it.

I was obsessed with the Superstay concealer and raved about how much I loved it and that I even used it as a foundation because it was THAT good. Well guys, I bought it in the foundation form. And HELLO new fave foundation.

I wasn't wrong (lol when am I ever) when I assumed the Superstay Better Skin foundation would be as good good as the concealer and I'm so glad it is. The medium coverage is so blendable and the range of shades makes it so easy to find one that fits your skin perfectly (even though I do add a touch of fake tan to give me a *slightly* more orange bronzed look). It's one of the only foundations that I own that actually lasts a decent amount of time - it can withstand a 7 hour shift and that's saying something!

So all-in-all, this foundation is up there with my faves and something that I defo recommend for all you combination skin type girls and medium coverage lovers.

Buy it here.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Cool Medium 2

Seriously, if I had a pound for everytime I've mentioned this on my blog I would literally be rolling in it. The iconic collection concealer has featured on my blog more times than pictures of my face and here it is again for all you read and pretend like you've never seen me mention before.

Yeah so this concealer is FAB and another re-re-re-repurchase from Superdrug (FYI it's on offer in Boots right now). It does what it says on the tin and really is Lasting Perfection. 

This concealer is the only thing I ever buy from Collection and really is the only ever thing you'll need to buy from collection - unless you really do need glitter eyeliner.

You know the drill with this one, it's full coverage makes it mask spots, redness and big black.........bags under your eyes which aint nobody got time for. Plus it's also my go-to concealer for under my eyebrows to really define them and make it look like your eyebrows are on fleek.

You can buy it here from Boots for £3.99 (woo save 20p).

CID Cosmetics  i-Volume Mascara

This was one of those magazine freebies that wasn't actually that bad. CID Cosmetics is a brand that is new to me and one that I'm not to familiar with so by trying out one of their products courtesy of Cosmo was a perfect way to see what they're like.

The packaging is sleek and obvs looks good in photos (cos durh, that's what it's all about) and the product itself isn't too bad. The wand isn't the plastic one which I tend to go to and the consistency of the formula is fab too. It's not as defining as I'd like it to be but does wonders for volume in your lashes. On occasion it can be quite clumpy but I always pair it with L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes to add a touch of definition and separate my lashes.

Overall it's a fairly good product and for free, I can't really complain.

You can pick it up here on feelunique.

Aaaaaand we've made it. My first back to blogging post has finally come to an end (please don't cry). Be sure to follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with all my posts to come!

Thank you for reading!

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