Friday Faves: 26th June 2015

The end of the week is upon us. It's Friday. It's *almost* the start of the weekend and all I can say if TFIF.

Nothing out of the blue has happened this week to report back on apart from the weather perking up a bit for about five minutes a day and then going back to it's dull and rainy state. But a heatwave is forecasted for next week and I'm relying on that to give me my base tan before I go on my second holiday this year.

But enough about the weather, here are my favourites...

New Phone

If you've been following my blog for a while now, you would have probably noticed the poor and remotely average quality of my photos. If the lighting and the angles are alright the photo can look slightly above mediocre but generally the photos haven't been great. Therefore you may have noticed that in the last week the quality of my photos has taken a turn and become a bit better than mediocre.

And that's thanks to my new IPhone 6.

After two years with a 4s (and just FYI never ever get a two year phone contract) I've upgraded to the 6 and my photos have too.

I can't fault this phone at all unless you count the amazing quality on the front facing camera as a burden when trying to take selfies which show ALL your spots and imperfections. But apart from that, the phone is fab.

So be sure to expect to see my higher quality photos to be appearing on here soon.

Sephora "it" Palette

I bought this palette when in Spain a few weeks ago and have only recently put it to use. And I'm so glad I have.

I've already talked about it here and mentioned it here too so I won't bore you with the basics, but this palette is fab.

There are so many different eye looks and combos that you can create with this no matter the occasion and it also has a mirror too - win.

The pigmentation of every shadow is fab and the colour choice is also fab too. As well as the 12 gorgeous shades, the "it" palette also comes with a brown eyeliner/eyebrow pencil and a double ended brush. This palette covers all of your eye makeup needs and is definitely something that I'll be using for a long time - or well y'know till I go back Sephora.

Benefit Skincare

After seeing an advertisement on Twitter about free Benefit skincare products at Boots, I jumped at the chance. All you had to do was bring in an empty skincare bottle and you were rewarded with a deluxe sample size of either their Triple Performing Facial Emulsion, the It's Potent! Eye Cream or the Instant Comeback Serum. With their being a limit of only one per person, I did a typical Bethany Emerton thing to do and went back on three separate occasions to nab all three. Mental.
I've incorporated two of the three into My Evening Skincare Routine and they work a treat. The offer expires on the 27th so if you're reading this before then, head on down to your local Boots now and pick up these bad boys before it's too late!


Here's the food favourite for this week. It's coconut. Coconut pieces to be precise. I picked these up for a snack this week and had forgotten how much I love coconut. Just something about it whether it's coconut milk, the chunks or an actual coconut itself (but not coconut water) just screams CONSUME ME.

It's one of my favourite foods and even though the 36g of fat it contains looks daunting, it's actually good for you. Give me ALL the coconut now please.

My Current Go-To Makeup Look

Thanks to my trip to Sephora, where I managed to pick up a few goodies which you can read about here, my everyday make up has been revamped and I've stepped out of my comfort zone to try new looks that the previously mention Sephora "it" palette has allowed me to do.

Here you can see that I've gone for a statement eye which I used 5 of the shadows to achieve as well as contouring and a simple nude lip. I love wearing this look on a day-to-day basis and all the products I've used to create it can be found here.

And that's all for this weeks Friday Faves.

Thank you for reading!

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