5 Self-Care Ideas: How To Look After Yourself in Lockdown

Hands up, who’s guilty of not looking after themselves as much as they could?

We’re all guilty of it!

Life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn't it?!

But now don’t you feel like it’s almost as if life has hit the pause button.

We have a chance to just stop and slow down for a minute.

We have a chance to recoup, rethink and remember who we are and what makes us happy.

Maybe the irony is that social-distancing is giving us some much needed space from others and from the outside world for a while. And we know life will hit the play button soon, but for the meantime, what’s the harm in taking extra care of yourself for a while?

Now more so than ever, is the perfect time to start to create some much needed good habits - especially ones for ourselves.

Having said that, this week is also Mental Health Awareness Week and at a difficult period of life such as now, shining light on ways to help ourselves can be the most crucial thing we can do.

Sometimes it’s difficult to know where to start. But don’t worry, here are 5 self-care ideas that can help you stay healthy and happy in lockdown…

1. Get Creative

Immerse yourself in something that takes you into your own little bubble for a while. Pick up that paintbrush, bring out that adult colouring book, make something or bake something - just let your creative juices flow!

There’s no real fixed definition for the art of being “creative” so don’t worry we’re not expecting the next Picasso to walk out of lockdown.

But being creative releases endorphins; those feel-good hormones, you know the feeling after uncontrollable belly laughter? Or that feeling whilst eating a yummy bar of Cadbury’s? That’s them! And studies have shown that creativity can help lower stress and anxiety. So go get creative!

2. Keep Your Living Space Tidy

Ever heard that age old saying of “a tidy home, is a tidy mind” - well there’s a psychological reason behind it. Psychologists suggest that a messy room is a representation of a disorganised mental state and when your nearby surroundings are cluttered, you associate those places as being unpleasant and stressful - makes sense!

Considering how often we’re now spending in the confines of our own homes and rooms, it’s vital to keep those spaces as healthy and inviting as we can for ourselves.

Maybe it’s time to give your room, your workspace or your whole house a Hinch!

3. Exercise 

Now we have the go ahead to do an “unlimited” amount, we have no excuse!

Not only having physical benefits, exercise has mental benefits too. It can make you feel happier and improve brain health and memory. Remember our friend endorphins? She’s released when you exercise too.

As all gyms are now closed, the staff at most gyms are taking to social media to bring you live and pre-recorded workouts that you can do from the comfort of your living room. And as always, YouTube has a plethora of workouts for all abilities that you can access with a few clicks.

Here are some of my favourites that I’ve been doing:

@dwfitnessfirst - The team at DW have been hosting Instagram Live workouts 8am-11am every weekday. From HIIT to cardio to core, there is something for everyone - and they’re free!

@puregymofficial - Like DW, the Pure Gym team hosts Instagram Live workouts at 10am every weekday and 11am on weekends. These sessions are recreations of their former gym classes; we’re talking Yoga, Aerobics and Absolute Abs!

Train with YouTube Fitness Star Pamela Reif and her 10-30 minute workouts. She has a whole range of videos targeting different body parts and promises to be “neighbour friendly”. My favourite is her 15 Minute Dance Cardio Workout, there’s no equipment needed and best of all the music is great.

4. Social Media Detox

It can be all too easy to get lost in the realms of Instagram and Facebook; do you ever catch yourself scrolling through your timelines and newsfeed without having a clue how long you’ve been doing it for?

With boredom at an all time high, flicking from app to app on your phone can unfortunately  seem to fill the day quite nicely, but sometimes knowing when to unplug yourself from the online world can be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Reconnecting with the real world for a few hours more than you usually would can do you the world of good. Swap an afternoon of clutching your phone for an afternoon in the garden; leave your phone at home when you take a relaxing walk, or try to check up on social apps far less than you feel the need to because -- news flash -- no ones doing anything more exciting than you are right now!


If you’ve got an iPhone, you’ll have the luxury of being able to see your daily and weekly screen time (Settings > Screen Time > See All Activity). You can see just how long you spend a day on each app you open - and trust me you’ll be shocked!

5. Prolong Your Skin-Care Routine

Take your time every morning and evening to really pamper you and your skin.

Our new working from home and staying at home lifestyle means makeup has *most probably* taken a backseat - and rightly so! If there’s any excuse to not have to slap on foundation and a brow, I don’t know about you but I jump at the chance.

Use this time to really invest in your skin, give it the break it deserves and treat yo’ self!

Spend your evenings unwinding in a long hot bath, throw on a hydrating face mask (optional), chuck in a bath bomb (again optional), light some candles (optional but highly recommend) and pour yourself a glass of your fave wine (essential, not optional).

Here are some of my favourite face masks:

Thanks for reading!

Comment below your favourite self-care tips that you’ve found helpful during lockdown.


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