My Evening Skincare Routine

Any girl will know that when it comes to skincare and making ourselves stay this beautiful *poses with hand under chin* a lot of work goes into it.

Forget about the makeup, the prepping and looking after our skin is vital. To stop ourselves from looking like pubescent boys or *insert something worse*, we have to take care of our skin on the daily. From serums, to balms to moisturisers, more than you could imagine goes into maintaining our fabulousness - oh and also to stop us from looking like said pubescent boy.

Everyones skin care routine is different, they cater it for their own skin's needs whether that be dry, oily, normal, young, ageing, whatever skin categories you fall under, you're bound to have your go-to skincare products which help you looking in tip top condition.

I have 6 favourites that I religiously use every evening and currently couldn't live without them.

Here's my everyday evening skincare routine...

By the time it's got to the evening and my makeup has been on my face for a good 12 hours (gross, I know), I want nothing more than to strip it bare and scrub it all off.

I begin by removing my face make up with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water on a cotton pad. This dissolves my makeup and wipes it straight off (it's a gift from the gods if you ask me).

Next, I take the Liz Earle EyeBright Soothing Lotion (another gift from the gods) and again on a cotton pad I hold this over my eyes and then wipe away all my eye makeup. I prefer using this on my eyes instead of the Micellar Water as it's a lot more gentle and leaves your eyes feeling clean and nourished

Just to make sure all my makeup is gone and to cleanse my face, I rub the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser all over my face and using a muslin cloth at a hand hot temperature I wipe it off.

Now that my face is makeup free and cleansed, it's time to moisturise. Recently I've been using the Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion and rubbing it into my face in circular motions. I also pair this with the Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream which I gently dab under my eyes.

Whilst that's all soaking in, I go ahead and smother my body in the Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion which FYI smells amazing and makes you want to eat yourself.

I then go back to my face and take a few drops of Kiehls Midnight Concentrate and gently pat that onto my forehead, cheeks and chin.

And now looking like a beautiful cleansed and moisturised human being, I get ready for bed.

Hope you've enjoyed my evening skincare routine!

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