Friday Faves: 6th February 2015

I'm liking this. The fact that I'm regularly posting and staying on top of my Friday Faves, I like it. Here are this weeks faves:

1. Coconut Ice-Cream

AKA heaven. Yes I've tried coconut milk. Yes I've tried coconut chunks. Yes I've tried coconut flakes. Yes I've tried, well you get the message. Everything coconutty I've probably tried - that includes shampoo too. But when I came across this in my weekly Lidl browse (I sound like some kind of middle-aged women, I promise I'm not) I had to pick it up. Not only is it coconut ice cream - brill in itself, but it also comes in the actual coconut shells. WOW WOW WOW (am I seriously getting this excited by coconuts - yes, yes I am). If you're a regular reader, you would've probably seen my Skinny Breakfast with Coconut Ice-Cream Recipe (and hopefully tried it too). It's amazing in a smoothie, with some frozen fruit, or even on it's own! If you're looking for a sexy, creamy mouthful  then head down to Lidl and pick up some coconut ice-cream for yourself! (I do apologise for the inappropriate nature of that sentence).

2. H&M Floppy Hat

I purchased this back in September of last year as one of those impulse buys with my best friend Scarlett (you can check out her blog here). I wanted a large rimmed hat for some time but never had the guts to buy one because I'd look like some try hard fashionista - I promise I'm not. However, I bit the bullet and bought it and I'm so glad I did. I mostly wore it over Christmas but I always try and wear it when I get the chance as it just gives an outfit an extra bit of sass (did I seriously just say that?!). I bought this one from H&M for £14.99 which, at the time, was a bargain as they were hardly around - unless you wanted to spend £30 at Topshop which wasn't something I was planning on doing. However, most high street shops stock them now, I'm pretty sue I've seen a few in Primark and of course the bank breaking ones at Topshop, but as for this H&M one, I think it's out of stock - sorry guys.

Here are some alternatives that I've found:

Dorothy Perkins - £14

Missguided - £15

Boohoo - £12

3. Garnier Matte Moisturiser 

For someone with the worlds most oiliest t-zone (gross I know), this is a life saver. Previously I have tried many moisturisers designed for normal skin, but being the oily to combination skin type they obviously just didn't work for me. This is the second moisturiser I have tried that is designed for my oily to combination skin, the first being the Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser. The Garnier Matte Moisturiser is different to the others as the consistency of the product actually feels matte (shocker or what, not). As it is paramount that anybody, regardless of their skin type, should moisturise, this moisturiser allows me to do so without added the unnecessary oil that my skin decides to supply in the gallons. Plus it is a bargain at under £3.

4. My New Room Set-Up

I re-arrange my room at least once a week, I like change and hate keeping things the same for too long (by too long, I mean about a week). However, last weekend big things went down on the 3rd floor of my house (btw the 3rd floors all mine). During my recent visit to Ikea (you can read that post here) I purchased a new shelving unit and draw inserts to add to my room. Pretty much all the furniture in my room is Ikea - well who doesn't love a bit of flat-pack, Scandinavian furniture - and I thought it was about time I added to my collection.
As my room is on the top floor of my house, the outside walls only stretch to a measly 100cm and the ceilings are sloped, so finding furniture that will fit my room is almost impossible. However, after re-jigging it around every week for over the last 2 years and taking many a trip to Ikea, I think I've found the perfect layout that not only utilises the space but looks pretty damn good too.

5. No.7 Nude Lip Liner 

And no, this won't make you look like Kylie Jenner because she in fact has had her lips done, but this is close enough.

This is one of those products that has been sat collecting dust in your make up drawer for god knows how long but when you unearth it, you wonder why you didn't a long time ago. I whacked this bad boy out just before Christmas when I wanted to give my non-existent top lip some volume. It's the perfect shade for me as it matches my lips perfectly and goes brilliantly with Mac's Honey Love (p.s. thanks for buying me it Hope, best prezzie ever). It is so easy to apply and doesn't drag on the lips, it stays in place for pretty much the whole day and is by no means drying - yeah it's pretty fab.

(If you have a cheeky stalk over on my Instagram you'll be able to see the difference)

Unfortunately, I bought this lip liner a long long time ago, and by long long time ago, I'm talking years. But now, thanks to Kylie Jenner, most (if not all) make up concessions will stock a nude lip liner so it shouldn't be hard to find a dupe.

Here's a newer version of my one - Boots No7 Precision Lip Liner in Nude

6. Real Housewives of Cheshire

Personally, I've never even been a fan of The Real Housewives series but when the Cheshire version aired on ITVBe a few weeks ago, I got hooked! Maybe because that fact it's a British version is probably the reason why I love it but regardless, it is bloody brilliant. Even though all the housewives live a life of luxury, diamonds and million pound mansions - far from my life in Bournemouth - they are so relateable. P.S. It's on every Monday at 10pm on ITVBe.

7. Costa

Okay okay okay, I'm officially obsessed with Costa and I'm not ashamed. The amount of times I've been to get the usual (large cappuccino with soya milk, cocoa powder instead of chocolate sprinkles please) in the past week isn't good. I just love it in there, is that sad? I'm not saying I go on my own just to sit and drink coffee whilst people watching but whenever there's a Costa nearby, albeit on the motorway or THE NEW ONE THAT HAS OPENED NEAR MY HOUSE, I have to go in. So maybe it's a bad thing but who cares, I <3 Costa.

And that's all for this week!



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