My Week In Photos #1


It seems that my New Year's resolution is to introduce new segments to my blog but it isn't, I promise. I'm pretty sure that a while back (and by a while back I mean a while back) I started doing this and probably (most likely) didn't stick to it. But this time I'm going to start afresh and every week post a few photos that sum up my week - pretty self explanatory really.

1. Costa

I flick between being a typical white girl and craving Starbucks every five minutes to being Costa obsessed. And this week, as you can guess from the photo, I was loving Costa. Here I was with a lovely close friend of mine called Gaby who I met - after not seeing her for such a long time - for Costa the other day. We gossiped of coffee (well I had the coffee, she had a tea), reminisced on old memories and shared what was happening in our lives.

2. Pink Sky

Like every teenage, Instagram obsessed female, I love taking pictures of the sky - especially when it's pink! This photo is of the view from my window the other day when the sun cast a pretty pink shade over the sky one evening.

3. Ikea

It's basically a monthly tradition for my family to go to Ikea to purchase some definitely not needed goodies - oh and meatballs too. However this time, my Dad and I took a trip to Ikea last Saturday to purchase a Kallax Shelving Unit in white (obvs). But being the typical Ikea shopper, we came out with more than we bargained for, oops.

P.S. There will be a Room Tour post coming soon!

4. Prezzo Salad

I've had many salads in my time. Some good, and some damn right fabulous. This cheeky plate of heaven was consumed by me last Friday whilst I was at Prezzo for my Auntie's birthday, I knew what I was ordering as soon as I saw the word "Avocado" - I know, I'm obsessed.  But if you love salad, grilled chicken and avocado on one plate, then seriously go try this!




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  1. coping me with the sky pics are we? But love this post x