Recipe - Skinny Breakfast Ice-Cream

Wait what, ice cream for breakfast?! Yeah, I know. And guess what, it's acceptable.

After recently purchasing some coconut ice cream - which may I add, comes in the actual coconut shells - I was so eager to try it in a smoothie for breakfast as a replacement to frozen yoghurt. The thing that makes this sweet treat acceptable to eat at breakfast is that it's all natural. It's not the kind of ice cream that has been artificially made with god knows what kind of additives and preservatives. It's simply just frozen coconut!

This recipe only contains 2 ingredients and takes on 2 steps - unless you want some fruity decorations.

There's so many ways you can turn this dessert into a guilt-free breaky, brunch or tasty snack. Here's my personal fave...


-Coconut Ice-Cream
-Frozen Berries


-Pomegranate Seeds (optional)
-Coconut Chunks (optional)


Begin by blending together the coconut ice cream and the frozen berries. You'll know it's ready when it turns to a gorgeous pink shade and has the consistency of smooth ice cream.

Scoop the mixture on your plate, making it neat and presentable - for Instagram of course!

Finally, throw on any fruity decorations you'd like! This time I've sprinkled some pomegranate seeds over which give it a much needed citrus-y kick.

And then you're done!

.......don't forgot to lick the spoon as well.

Who say's you can't have coconut for breakfast?




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