Starting Your New Year's Resolutions in July Is Normal, Right?

So I'm going to be real right now and admit that the whole "yeah I'm gonna get back into blogging like everyday and be consistent and post twice a week and dive head first back into it" and all that jazz didn't really pan at very well....or at all, actually.
Me being me was too busy doing life and everything that comes in between (apparently) so writing up a blog post wasn't on the top of my To-Do list if I'm totally honest.
But since meeting up with a friend who kind of gave me a push to kick start it again reminded me how much I actually loved blogging. So here I am....jamming these sentences together.....about to write something life changing for you all. Lol.

And said life changing topic of discussion is me.

Yup that's right, I'm writing a blog post all about me,

Not like Hi my name is Bethany; I'm 19, I'm obsessed with my dog, my favourite colour is orange and I've currently got 17 things sat in my Zara basket kind of post (but hey, there's an insight into my fantastic life) but more like what I want to achieve out of life from now on.

Just roll with me, okay.

So your girl may have *slightly* hit rock bottom. Mentally, physically and quite literally.

Rock bottom being where I can't remember what my bedroom floor looks like because I've lost it somewhere underneath piles of clothes, M&S receipts, Zara boxes as well as half of the kitchen and realising that my social life slash sanity slash normal teenage life is null and void. I promise I'm still cool though.

Honestly, I'm a bit lost. Not Lost Garden's kind of lost BUT if Lost Garden represented the whole world, I'm somewhere in the middle of the dance floor probably on the actual floor with an empty glass in one hand still trying to sing to R Kelly whilst being trodden on.

Basically, I need to sort my self out.

And I say this to myself everyday that I want to sort my life out, get back on track (and tidy my effing room), but somehow I never get anywhere.

So that's why my New Year's Resolutions are starting in July because you know what, I've only just decided what they're going to be. Yeah that 100% sums me up, 7 months late and promising to myself that 2017 was going to be my year - eff that, I've still got a muffin top and not driving a Range yet. High and lows babe, highs and lows.

If you're anything like me; firstly god help us and secondly I hope you'll benefit from my list of 2017 New Year's Resolutions that WILL, I'll have you know, actually happen.

Here goes...

(Mega cringeballs alert)

1. Be happy

I'm not saying I'm sad. This resolution is to be more happy and to be happy often. To do things that make me happy and to see myself being happy. You feel me.

2. Be more spontaneous

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't spontaneous, I basically live and breathe spontaneity (if you count inpromtu Starbucks visits as spontaneous then I don't even need to include this as a resolution). I just want to live life on the edge a little, be a bit more daring and not so effing boring.

3. Make myself proud

I want to do something, achieve something or surprise myself so much that I can actually whack my arm over my shoulder, give little old me a pat on the back and be like yeah babes you did good. Give myself some loving for a change and do me proud.

4. Believe in myself

I want to believe in myself more. I want to believe that I can do anything I want to do. I want to believe that I've got the power to change the way I think and act. And I want to believe in myself that I can actually do it and that if I want something so bad that I believe I can actually do it.

5. Stop being so comfortable

Eff the normal day-to-day routine, who says you've got to do the same thing day in day out. Why can't I get out of my comfort zone once in a while and be a bit rebellious and have the best time of my life.

And that is all.

Just my 5 little belated resolutions that I am going to achieve by the end of 2017, if not sooner.

Positive vibes babes.

To you all who made it to the end of this post without vomming a little, then we're in this together sister and thank you for giving your time to read what my freshly manicured nails can type when they feel like it.


I'm outty.


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