43 Thoughts I Had Whilst Scrolling Through Instagram

I'll hold my hands up and say "I Bethany Emerton, am undoubtedly as addicted to Instagram as I am to coffee, my dog and more recently Love Island."

It's true and I'm a surely not the only one.

We've all double tapped our far share of salads, puppies and makeup tutorials AND more importantly found out all the goss of who's sleeping with who by looking at your friend's ex boyfriends brother's Instagram, am I right?!

We do love a good scroll every now and again, if now and again means every single second of every single day, basically.

So here below are 43 thoughts I had and you (most probably) had whilst scrolling through the 'gram...

1. Bathroom selfie. Shocker x

2. Ooh you've gone travelling. Lifechanging. Are you wearing elephant print trousers though?

3. Look at that effing dog <3

4. I've been scrolling for 4 seconds how am I already 32 weeks deep on my friends brother's ex girlfriends holiday pics.

5. One more ab pic or booty shot and I am *this* far away from driving past the gym and straight to McDonalds.

6. Look it's Jess from Love Island promoting her fave toothpaste

7. Is that the dog filter

8. That post doesn't qualifying for a "#throwback" if it was yesterday babes.

9. Ooh is she on a photoshoot abroad?!

10. No, just a family holiday

11. Look it's Jess from Love Island promoting something else, again.

12. No way has he liked her photo

13. They must be shagging

14. Gotta tell the group chat

15. Cute quote, double tap that

16. Didn't she just delete this picture 10 minutes ago

17. Look it's a pug

18. You can't hashtag #fitsagram just because you wear Ivy Park and have done one lunge

19. Ew what a cute loved up couple

20. You're having a Nando's?! Amazing! Never been! Tell me how good it is! Upload 2 more pics!

21. How does she get her makeup like that

22. Since when have I been following you

23. How long have I been scrolling for

24. Should I start an Instagram theme

25. Look at that outfit

26. Tap for details? Yup, don't mind if I do

27. Where are all these mystery Instagram clothing shops coming from

28. Look at that effing dog <3

29. Double tap

30. Since when did they look like that

31. What filter is that

32. Is it prime time yet

33. Shall I upload a pic

34. Ooh notification

35. Ummm why did they just like my pic from 7 weeks ago

36. Creep. Who does that?!

37. I need to watch this hair tutorial

38. That before and after pic is insane

39. Shall I workout

40. Ooh they're at Wagas

41. I fancy a Wagas now

42. Why can't I take a selfie like that

43. Right it's 6pm, what am I going to upload


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