21 Things Only Stationery Lovers Will Understand

Pretty fitting for back to school, right?

This ones for me and my girl Scarlett, a.k.a. the biggest stationery obsessives you'll ever meet and here are 37 other telltale signs that prove you really are obsessed with stationery...

1. Whenever WHSmith, or Staples or any other stationery selling shop has a sale you get a *bit* giddy and may end up spending half of your months wages.

2. You buy so many pretty notebooks that you don't end up ever using them because omg the pages are so crisp you can't damage those beauties.

3. When the first day of every new school year rolled around you were so excited so you could use all your new stationery.

4. Buy 1 Get 1 Free across all stationery?! COME TO MUMMA.

5. The stationery aisle is the first aisle you visit when going into any supermarket.

6. You get emotionally attached to pens and pencils and rubbers and sharpeners and pencilcases and well, you get the idea.

7. You just can't deal with the stress of lending someone one of your pens because you know you'll NEVER get it back, so you lie and say you have none (when really they know you have the whole of Smiths in your bag).

8. Losing a pen is like losing a child.

9. You don't have the guts to throw away stationery even if it's broken or run out.

10. You've owned every kind of pencilcase ever invented.

11. The pouch, the three-parter, the hard shell and even the one shaped like a sausage dog.

12. You have your own board on Pinterest dedicated to stationery.

13. Fresh felt tip pens. Need I say anymore.

14. SMELLY PENS!!!!!!!!!

15. Knowing that TK Maxx sell the top of the range you-can't-get-this-anywhere-else kind of stationery for when you and your bank balance are feeling extra fancy.

16. When people say they re-use all their stationery from the previous year *gasp* BISHHH WHETTT

17. The first page of a fresh notebook is like writing on the palms of Jesus - so pure and clean.

18. To you, Post-it notes are the epitome of stationery porn.

19. Did someone say free pens??!!?!??!?!

20. That post Back2School stationery sale is bacially an early Christmas.

21. Sharpening pencils until they have the perfect point is a skill that you've perfected over the years.

If you can relate to any of the above then I'm afraid to say, welcome to the stationery lovers club HIYA!!!

Thanks for reading!

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