My Week In Photos #12

And so to conclude a week frantic of holiday shopping fuelled by iced coffee and chocolate (lots of), it's finally Sunday. This Sunday doesn't come with the added Sunday night feels of school the next day thanks to the summer holidays.

My holiday to Majorca is 4 days away and I'm currently 4 stone too heavy to go so there's that.

Anyway, less babble and more of what you came here for, a My Week In Photos blog post.

Mini Golf

The last week kicked off with a game of mini golf with my family. I of course lost because, y'know I'm not the best golfer and all Wii Sports has taught be about golf is what a bogey and a birdy are. Nevertheless, the day in itself was fab and to top it off it was a beautiful sunny day - thanks Mr Sun.


I gave my wardrobe (well, two extra large and *slightly* overflowing Ikea rails) a good old rummage through to find some long lost summer clothes for my holiday - to be honest I kinda looked like I was rummaging through the £1 Primark rack trying to find a 50p bargain. And amongst the black and white clothing, I managed to find some black ripped jeans that I made 2 years ago. I can't think why I hadn't worn them since and for a DIY jobbie, they aint too bad. They still fit (thank goodness) and I've been wearing them all week (don't worry, they have been washed).

They're the perfect summer bottom half for me, the rips show just enough skin for them to be acceptable to wear in summer. So there we go, I've rekindled my love for my long lost black ripped jeans - hurrah!

Bike Ride

After having a spontaneous moment the other day, my brother and I decided to go on a bike ride together. We first of all went to visit our Nan and then to quench our thirst, we took a trip to our nearest Starbucks and treated ourselves to a refreshing cold drink.

This photo is of me wearing said ripped jeans on my bike which my Dad kindly made me.


You may have seen in this post that last Thursday when my mum and I went to watch Grease at the theatre. It truly was an amazing production even though I *might* have been a bit embarrassed at my Mum singing and dancing to all the songs.

Makeup At DFMA 

On Friday I was lucky enough to spend the day at DFMA and have my makeup done by my cousin who is now a qualified MUA. I got the chance to be her model and the photo you can see is an editorial look that she created on me. You can read more about the look and DFMA here.

That's all for today's post, thank you for reading!

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