21 Kim Kardashian Gifs That Totally Describe Your Life

Who'd thought Kimmy K could depict your life in 21 gifs. Well, she can. Have a read because everything is just:

kim kardashian animated GIF

1. When someone posts a disgustingly sweet paragraph to their boyfriend on Facebook who they've been with for 4 months and 21 days

2. Phoning your BFF like:

3. When no one replies in the group chat

4. When last night's antics were a bit of a blur - we've all been there.

5. When you're sat in Starbucks a see a solid 10/10 sat in the corner.

6. When you wear hoop earrings one time

7. When you come to terms with the fact that you'll be fat forever

8. When you really need to diet but you've just found a bar of Dairy Milk in the cupboard

9. When you've been single for so long that you've just gotten desperate.

10. When it's finally payday

11. When bae finally texts you

12. When you haven't seen your BFF in ages

13.  When you see that Zara have a sale

14. When a fuckboy tries to tell you that he's "not like other guys"

15. When someone suggest that you should go out for dinner

16. When you make a Tumblr

17. Going to school everyday like:

18. When someone eats your food that you were saving for yourself for later

19. When the beautician waxes your eyebrows too thin

20. What you gotta tell yourself everyday:

21. When the squad starts roasting you on the group chat

And they say she has no talent, pfft.

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