My Week In Photos #9

Yes I know, last week I gave you a review of Benefit's new License To Blot instead of my usual Sunday treat of My Week In Photos. My bad. In actual fact nothing really happened so there would have been nothing to really report back on. So there's my reason. But this week there has been things to update you on and so that's why I have a My Week In Photos for you to enjoy this fine Sunday morning.

Let's get started..

1. Yobu

A few weeks ago a new Fro-Yo and bubble tea place opened in my town of Bournemouth much to my excitement. Nothing of the sort has ever opened in Bournemouth and about 50 instagrams and 100 snapchats later, I decided I had to go to see what it was all about. I took my brother along with me and we ended up getting one bubble tea between us incase we really didn't like it. We opted for a fruit flavoured tea with green apple and the classic tapioca balls.
I've had bubble tea plenty of times before but this was seriously good. The place itself is aesthetically pleasing, the white walls and furniture are interrupted by a large mural of a beautiful beach (but not Bournemouth beach) and rattan chairs to match the minimal yet beachy themed parlour. If you don't go in there for fro-yo or bubble tea (but I seriously recommend that you do) just go in for the Instagram photos.

2. My View

I snapped this photo up the other day whilst the weather was having one of it's good days. Armed with iced coffee and sunglasses, I sat outside to do a few blogging bits and thought I'd capture the moment. My parents will probably thank me for including this because in the background you can see our newly refurbished summer house which they spent the weekend painting and "shabby chic-ing" and are pretty proud of. So here's to you guys.

3. Dinner

Here's a dinner I made myself this week and a personal favourite of mine. It includes; a tuna steak, rocket salad, roasted vegetables and griddled halloumi and it tastes divine. I definitely recommend! I also paired it with homemade cucumber infused water cos y'know healthy but no srsly, that was good too. Recipe post? Who knows.

4. My Brothers Prom

On Wednesday my brother's Year 11 prom took place and I went along not only to see him with his prom date and his friends but to reminisce about my prom which took place at the same place one year ago. In the photo you can see here, this was just before he went in a limo with all his friends to arrive in style at prom.

5. Sky pic

And of course, what would this post be without a sky pic. I snapped this up whilst out on a dog walk and though it turned out alright. So here it is for you to enjoy.

Thank you for reading!

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