Here's What Happened When I Went To Spain: Day 5 & 6

I'm now halfway through my work experience placement/holiday in Spain now and Wednesday was the day that I thought it was time to top up my tan - or at least make it real.

My Auntie and I went to the beach early in the morning for a few hours and then headed back home to make lunch. I introduced her to my Sweet Potato Fries Recipe - which FYI went down a treat!

That afternoon my Auntie only had two classes that she was teaching so afterwards I made my second trip to Mataro Parc (basically the Spanish equivalent of West Quay in Southampton) to pick up a few more presents for my family.

I deliberately steered clear of Sephora, Kiko, Zara and any other shop that would draw me in and encourage me to spend because over 70€ on makeup is enough for one holiday.

The next day the weather surprisingly wasn't too great and I felt like I was back in England again - this is not what I signed up for - so I spent the day chilling and helping my Auntie out.

On Friday we took a trip into Mataro town and took our time wandering through the lanes and exploring individual boutique shops. And of course we took a pit stop in a traditional coffee shop - what would a shopping trip be without a coffee stop?!

Turns out the little cafe we went to had a small pond of turtles (or tortoises or terrapins??? some kind of amphibian) amongst a beautiful indoor waterfall which we sat by.

On the way home we had to stop at the local park so I could take photos of these beautiful Jacaranda blossom trees - look how stunning they are! Defo and Instagram-worthy pic.

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