42 Thoughts A Girl Has When Visiting Sephora For The First Time

Ahhh Sephora. The place where make up dreams come true. The place that every make up obsessed girl can call home. Sephora is love. Sephora is life.

And here are 42 thoughts a girl has when visiting Sephora for the first time...

1. All my dreams have come true

2. Where do I start

3. Omfg I need that

4. And that

5. Omg that to

6. F*ck

7. I need it all

8. But first, let me take a selfie I need a basket

9. There's so much makeup

10. This has to be illegal

11. This is basically porn

12. This is makeup porn

13. I feel like crying

14. I'm in heaven

15. Wait how come there's three things already in my basket

16. Oops

17. YOLO

18. I don't wear lipstick that often but I need to buy some

19. Ooh it does smell good in here

20. I need that eyeshadow palette because y'know I don't have enough already

21. Look there's Nars

22. Come to mumma

23. I want need it all

24. Okay my basket is almost overflowing

25. Time to go to the till

26. Wait what are all these miniatures

27. They're so cute

28. I should get some

29. No I have enough in my basket

30. Okay well maybe just a mini POREfessional

31. Okay and a mini perfume

32. They look so cute how could I not

33. I should buy some travel-sized products

34. Yeah defo

35. I'm probs gonna travel somewhere soon

36. They'll come in handy

37. I'm sure of it

38. Ooh is that on offer

39. Okay time to pay

40. Wait, it's how much???????

41. Worth it though

42. Yeah I do need all this

Bethany Emerton

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger from Bournemouth.

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