13 Times Pugs Have Portrayed Your Exact Mood

There's a pug photo for at least every mood you will ever have. Pugs just get you. Pugs are love. Pugs are life.

1. Thinking you're cheeky and poking your tongue out in a selfie to try and look hella cute but you end up looking like this

2. Waiting for food to appear in the fridge when really you just checked 2 minutes ago

3. Looking at your face in a close up mirror and realising you're an actual minger - oh hey there stray eyebrow hairs

4. Putting on the wrong false eyelashes and basically looking like this

5. Sitting in Starbucks in your uggs and realising you are the definition of a white girl 

6. When your mum tells you to get out of bed and you turn around like

7. Like seriously mum not today

8. When it's scorching outside and you're loving life

9. Eating your entire body weight in Dominoes and instantly regretting it 

10. Trying to be a sophisticated drunk at a party but ending up being that person who's had too much to drink 

11. Wearing your new hat and thinking that you're the sh*t

12. When you and your squad are everyone else's "#squadgoals"

13. Instantly grabbing and posing with your best friend as soon as someone takes a photo

Bethany Emerton

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger from Bournemouth.

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