10 Things To Make Your Monday A Little Easier

We all hate Mondays. It's the start of a new week. The weather's probably sh*t, you've probably woken up late and there's probably a colony of spots gathering around your nose.

Aint nobody got time fo' dat.

Of course you'd love Monday to be filled with motivation for the week ahead but nuh uh, that aint happening. All that Monday is filled with dark undereye circles, hatred for anyone that so much as breaths wrong and coffee (lots of).

So I thought I'd be nice.

I thought I'd go out of my way to make your Monday morning that little bit more manageable. The following 10 things should brighten up your day and make you feel like you can conquer whatever Monday has to throw at'cha.

Have a look through these, have a laugh to yourself and smile because Monday means it's only five more days till the weekend.

The following things will make you "AWW" and "OMG" and basically give you all the feels. They'll make you feel that Monday isn't that bad at all. Just look...

1. This amazing Disney-fied Nicki Minaj tribute by Todrick Hall

Watch the impressive video and be thankful that there are people in this word that create amazing sh*t like this.

2. Listen to this Rihanna Vs Sia mashup

Duke Janes. I don't know who you are but I will find you and I will thank you

This is some seriously good music. Srsly.

You guys can thank me later.

3.This adorable Husky puppy

Who doesn't want to say AWW on a Monday morning?! Here you go, here's a reason to AWW.

And I'm pretty sure he has nicer eyes than me.

But just look at it.

4. Just watch this video of newborn baby goats in cute handmade sweaters

I have no words.

No words at all.


5. There is a new thing called a Sushirrito 

This'll make you re-evaluate your whole life and crave something that you've never craved before. This sushi and burrito combo is real and it's a heavenly creation. GIMME.

6. My post about pugs


If you're having a bad morning fear not, for the beautiful creatures that are pugs get you. They just get you. They know what it's like. Have a read and realise that you're not alone. Click here to read.

7. Marshallow Husky

Look at it.

I'd like to thank my brother for introducing me to Marshmallow Huskies.

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!!!

8. This dog proving that waterside's are not just for people


Picture this. You're at your mates birthday party, he's got the biggest most coolest water slide in his back garden and you're queueing up, waiting for you turn. Next thing you know, a bundle of panting madness comes rushing past you (bloody skips the queue), charges up to the top and slides down like a champ.

Definitely not following British etiquette of queueing, you can't be mad at him for it being his Labrador nature to enjoy water.

Guess he was just annoyed that he didn't get invited to the party.

9. This Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone


Nah forget your standard wafer cone or the slightly up market waffle cone, this is what's it's all about. The game changer that is this chocolate chip cone.

This will revotutionalize your ice cream needs forever and tasty amazing. Sorry to dampen your Monday morning with the fact that you're probably craving one and won't be able to get one right this second but fear not because this creation is a lot more simple than it looks.

Have a read here to find out how you can make this delish bad boy yourself.

10. This rap that we all NEED to learn 


It just screams everything that we think when someone tags us in that photo from the night before or when you bailed on your friend to go to another party and it's all over snapchat, yeah that.

Listen and learn kids.

I hope this had made your Monday *slightly* more enjoyable  manageable. And remember, it's only 5 days left till the weekend.

Thanks for reading!

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