23 Things You Learn From Having A Younger Brother

Your younger brother represents every school text book you've ever had in your life; very useful but also annoying, tiring and not to mention a bit smelly. You learn so much from your brother, whether you want to admit it or not. He becomes your best friend, your side kick and someone you couldn't live without.

And here's 23 things you learn from having a younger brother.

1. If you can be patient with him, you can be patient with about almost everybody

If you don't learn it from anywhere else, you will definitely learn it from him. The amount of times you've had to wait for him to get ready (even though you're a girl) because he's 10 times slower because he's younger, not to mention male, will teach you enough patience to last you a lifetime. If you can have patience with your younger brother, you can have it with about almost everyone.

2. You'll protect him no matter what

Even though he can be the worlds most annoying person, you'll protect him, not because you have to, but because you want to. No one can mess with my lil' bro.

3. He's seen you at your worst and still won't judge you

He's seen you when you've gone through a massive break out, he's seen you in your worst (and best) outfit and he's seen you go through that blue sparkly eyeshadow stage. Yet, he still loves you for who you are.

4. You've always got each other

Whether you like it or not, he's always going to be your younger brother. He's a free best friend, a best friend that you hate from time to time and a best friend who you live with, so when you feel like you have no one, you will always have him.

5. You know how to make him cry, but he also knows how to make you cry

Of course you know how to make him cry, that's basically part of the big sis job description, but he also knows all your weak spots and how to make you cry - even stevens.

6. No one can ever hurt him, because they have to go through you first (and boy, the big sis is scary)

Big sisters are there to protect and it's your gut instinct to protect him from all and any danger at all time, no matter the costs.

7. He'll tell it to you straight (yeah, that new outfit you've got, you should've listened to what your brother said)

"What are you wearing?!" The tone of voice will say it all. He may disapprove of your brand new outfit but later down the line you'll wish you had listened to him.

8. You learn how to deal with the male kind

Yep, you do. You'll watch him grow from a small little boy, to a man and with all that goes with it. You'll be well equipped for later life and know what to expect.

9. You are the boss, and will always be the boss, and he knows that

You're the big sister aka The Boss. He has no choice but to bow down to you and worship the ground you walk on, that's just the rules.

10. He's actually more clever than you think (even though he's younger than you)

He's had to deal with you too, so he knows what females are like.

11. You know how to get what you want from him (because running to tell a lie to Mum doesn't work anymore)

You've probably learnt this over a period of time. Thanks to him, you know how to get exactly everything you want from him but the problem is, he knows how to get what he wants from you too.

12. You have to grow up (in order to be a good role model, of course)

You've got no other choice than to be the big sister to look up to, you've got to demonstrate what's good and bad and what not to say and do.

13. You now know what you do and don't want in a boyfriend 

You've had to live with the male species the whole of your life, you've had to watch it do, eat and say disgusting things (as well as hear his baby voice change into something remotely manly) but with all that to one side, you've learnt what you don't want your future boyfriend(s) to be like. I guess you've got him to thank really.

14. You now know a lot about self defence

And so has he. You've both sprung unplanned attacks on each other for no reason. You've learnt how to punch, kick and wrestle him to the floor (which has probably always ended in tickling him) and so has he, so you've had to learn self defence in order to protect yourself - durh.

15. He'll always be able to eat more than you but still be slimmer than you (it's just the way the world works and you have to accept it)

This is just something you'll have to accept. He can consume anything in sight and NOT PUT ANY WEIGHT ON! Of course it's sooo not fair, but that's just the way it is.

16. Even though you wish you were an only child sometimes, you don't know what you'd do without him

He can be the most annoying little brother at times but when you're without him for a day or two, you seem to actually miss him (even the arguments).

17. He's always there for you

Even though that sounds totally weird and it should be the other way round (which of course it is) he will always be there for you, even when you don't want him to be.

18. For some reason you'll never be as cool as your brother, he just has it sussed

I mean of course you're still cool (to some degree anyway) but your little bro just has it sussed.

19. You learn how to forgive

Oh boy do you learn how to forgive. You have to forgive him every time he's horrible to you, or every time he breaks your favourite Barbie doll and every time he eats the last piece of food that definitely had your name on. But from all the years of forgiving, it makes you into a better person, so you can thank him later.

20. He'll be able to tease you and ALWAYS get away with it

Just because he's younger and you of course have to set a good example.

21. He's got your back

Even if he threatens to tell Mum and Dad, he never will and he's always ready to stick up for you, but he'll also always be able to use that against you so be careful.

22. He'll take the mick out of you, but it's only for the best

Strangely enough, he'll become your fashion stylist, your therapist and go-to man when you need some tough love.

23. And most importantly, boys will be boys

You've been through every row, every wrestling match and constant teasing but you've come out alright and love your younger brother more than anything in the world.

Bro, I love you.


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