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Every now and again you spy something, whether it be during a mammoth Ikea catalogue flick through (I'm guilty to that) or an Instagram sesh (oh and this too), that gets you motivated to revamp your desk, or room or your whole bloody life.

Well that's what I've been doing (drastically) recently and from trips to Ikea and buying bits and bobs here and there, I've finally got my room to how I wanted it to be.

Although looking through Pintrest doesn't help when you're a person who feels the need to change your room around every week (I'm not even kidding), I love looking for inspiration and dreaming of what my room could look like one day.

There's just something about white rooms with black details that makes me weak at the knees (that's why I always go mad in Ikea - oops).

Having got my room as close enough to how I like it, here are some photo's that gave me inspiration when changing my room and for future alterations - a girl can dream, right?

                    f-ashionfreaks: more here xx (via )

                                 These chic desktops and home offices will inspire you to create the perfect workspace.

                     Google Image Result for

                    A well-organised workspace, including kitchen cabinets | elisabeth heier
                                beautiful eames dsr and black and white home office
                When garage converted to kitchen and kitchen converted to office

                                 Pinning this for 3 reasons: love the poster, I like how the chair's curve echoes the curve of the monitor stand, and everyone should have a pen cup to corral their pens. Don't underestimate the small details! Interior Styling | Clamp Lamps

         More Issues Than Vogue Typography Print Modern Black and White Art Print Gift for Fashionista Wall Decor Minimalist Bedroom Home Decor
                   Study corner - Minimalistic appearance is achieved with a desk colour matching the wall and bookshelf, the storage containers matching the area space,and a complete lack of clutter. A clear plastic chair would also be handy here. I don't like this particular colour scheme, but do like the concept of this.
Love this office. Pure, Modern, Emotional and Inspiring. Congrats to the owner of one of my favorite blogs Stylizimo for this great styling!

Hope you enjoyed!



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