Everyday Essentials - Mini Edition

A two part post, beginning with the mini edition and then, you guessed it, a not-so-mini to follow on later. 

I'm one of those people who carries their life in their bag. I'm a sucker for large bags and vow that I'll never own a mini/micro bag - watch this space. The cons of having a large bag, although this also seems to be a pro, is that you almost feel obliged to fill it with "necessities". The first half of this two-part-post shows you my smaller essentials I carry in my bag; whether it's to go shopping, to work or just out for a coffee, these items are with me almost 24/7 and here's why...

1// Headphones
A pretty self explanatory one to start off with - these are to listen to music obviously! These make any lonely walk or bus ride more bearable even though they're a b*tch to untangle. Thank you Apple. 

2// Nail file
Any girl (or guy) knows how annoying a broken nail is, especially when wearing delicate clothing - one snag and that's it. This mini-file is perfect to slip into any sized bag and does the job. Simples. 

3// Hairclip(s)
We all have the one bit of hair that well just doesn't seem to agree with us. Even though I swear I have never purchased any in my life, these hairclips seem to breed in their thousands around my home and some even make it into my bag. A small, yet handy piece of metal that can save any bad hair day. 

4// The Lipstick Of The Day
On this occasion Bobbi Brown was the winner and this Pale Petal shade is oh so gorgeous! The lipstick you apply before you go out has to be taken with you, just incase you need to re-apply - obvs!

5// Chewing Gum
Okay, so maybe I did overdo it on the gum, three packets is more than enough, one will do for the day. I'm the sharing sort and the type to help a friend in need of a, well let's just say a little refresh. 

6// Tweezers
A.K.A. a women's weapon. Not only to they keep your brows in top form but act as the ultimate "does everything" type of tool. From removing splinters to well just about anything, this beauty essential can do it all!

7// Tangle Teezer
A gift from the Gods, the Gods who realise how much knotty hair and painful hairbrushes are the bane of any girls life. Handheld and hair helpful, there isn't a time when I'm no more than 3ft away from my Tangle Teezer. If you know me, you'll know that I'm always armed with my Tangle Teezer in one hand and my dry shampoo in the other! If your "second day hair" is in need for a spruce up, I'm your girl. 

8// Hand Sanitiser
No matter who you are, where you are or where you're going, this is a must! Not all public toilets are kept clean and refilled, you never know when the hand soap has run out - better be safe than sorry! Plus who likes germs anyway?

9// Perfume
How cute is this little thing? I never leave the house without a good old spritz of perfume (among many other things), and always need a top up now and again. Rather than carrying the big bottle with me, which takes up an awful amount of valuable space, I take my trusty mini with me instead. My current favourite is Bright Crystal by Versace, it's a good'en. 

10// Lip Butter
For one of those "Where's my lippy?" or "Man I have cracked lips" days, a lip butter or balm always comes in handy. The one in question is Nivea's Raspberry Rose and does the job of relieving dry lips as well as leaving a gorgeous pale pinky tone as well! 

And so the first half of this two part special has come to an end. Be sure to stay tuned for the next and slightly larger second half. 

What are your everyday essentials?

Bethany x


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