4 Fashion Trends I'm Obsessed With Right Now

So it's February and the start of that transitional period. The season where it's not cold enough to wrap yourself up in your chunky Winter coat but certainly not warm enough to venture out the house in anything lighter than a leather jacket. 

So you see what I mean, we're in that limbo stage.

And that limbo stage causes mega confusion when deciding what to wear in the mornings. 

Like is it acceptable to go out in tracksuit bottoms and sliders (for me yes) because it's kinda cold but not cold enough that my toes can't hack it?! And will I get looked at weird if I rock up to Sainsbury's in my fur coat and boots because the world is my runway and aisle 14 is my catwalk - I think not.

So yeah you can say that piecing an outfit together recently has been a struggle. 

Anyway, the following 4 are fashion trends and go-to outfits that I've been loving recently. They're things that I've stuck to when deciding what to wear at 7 o'clock in the morning in that pre-coffee stage; still half asleep but have managed to get out of bed and put on a full face of makeup. 

1. Layering

I can't stress how important layering is. No, I'm not an over-protective mother worrying about whether you'll catch a cold in Britain's bi-polar weather. I'm talking purely on a fashion level, promise. Layering just looks so damn cool. C'mon you can't disagree when I say that layering just makes you look like you know what you're doing (still talking fashion, can't say it makes me know what I'm doing with life). 
Layering gives your outfit dimension and the perfect way to branch out from an I-only-wear-all-black outfit with a pop of colour (by colour I mean white).
Take the following photos for example; the lace bralet over a simple white tee and longline t-shirts under jumpers - they just add something extra to the outfit. 

My go-to: mesh bodysuit under and black sweatshirt dress. Roll the sleeves up to show a peek of the mesh and pair with black leather-look jeans. Throw on a sleeveless leather jacket for warmth and finish off with black heeled boots.

2. Tailored Trousers and Trainers 

By far the easiest way to look like you've just spent the last week strutting about Central London for fashion week (when in reality the only strutting you've being doing is to the fridge and back). In terms of tailored trousers I'm talking the kinda trousers you see in Topshop, H&M and Zara and don't immediately run towards (side note: I do not run). The kind of trousers that you make think hmm yeah they're cute but I wouldn't wear them - sound familiar?! Well, sister now you can! For now I'd keep it simple and stick to black (omg what a shocker). It's a no to the fitted trouser - you are not at primary school anymore - opt for a tie waist, peg leg or cigarette and chuck on any pair of (clean) white lace-ups.

Teaming a pair of white trainers with tailored trousers dresses down a smart everyday look and screams sophisticated but even louder HELLO COMFY OUTFIT.

My go-to: black tie waist trouser and white lace up trainers. Add to that a simple black v-neck tee, black zip up hoodie and chuck on a leather jacket for warmth. 

3. Hoodie

Ever think you'd see the day that your go-to-errand-running-just-popping-to-the-shops thrown on is counted as a key fashion piece? Well now you have. Hoodies under leather jackets, hoodies under denim jackets and hoodies under tailored jackets have recently been creeping up all over my Pinterest dashboard on the likes of Kendall Jenner and other fashion icons. 

And I wanted to jump on it. 

I mean, who's going to turn down the opportunity to look stylish but comfy at the same time, not me!

Oh and side note, I am not talking about your Class Of '14 school leavers hoodie. You know the one with some cereal stains down the front and 100 kids names plastered all over your back. I'm talking about your basic, American Apparel style hoodie; simple, black, grey or white drawstring hoodie.  Zip up or pull over, either way, chuck it under any coat or jacket for an easy off-duty look. 

My go-to: grey hoodie under black leather jacket, paired with black ripped jeans and trainers. 

4. Denim, Denim, Denim.

You can't beat denim. A staple outfit for every girl has to be a classic jeans and white tee combo. Denim speaks for itself, and is so so so easy to style. My current high street faves recently have been denim jackets, heavily distressed denim and wearing denim with denim. Yup, double denim! 

Now, get the image of Britney and Justin circa 2001 denim "ensemble" (shall we say) out of your head. There's no denim cowboy hats or denim maxi dresses in this blog post for sure. 

I'm talking about a classic blue skinny jean paired with a distressed denim jacket and a simple white tee underneath. Easy. Or if you're not brave enough, swap the blue jeans for black jeans. Still double denim but a less obvious pairing. 

My go-to: ripped blue jeans, white t-shirt, blue distressed denim jacket and trainers.

And there you have it. A snippet of what I've been loving recently, go-to outfits and ways to look like you know how to dress - sort of.

Thanks for reading!

I'm outty. 

Bethany Emerton

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger from Bournemouth.

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