14 Valentine's Gift Us Girls Should Buy Ourselves

If you can't treat yo' self on Valentines day (oh as well as Christmas, Birthday, pay day, the other day and everyday) then when can you? If you're a single pringle (regardless of whether you're ready to mingle or not) or you've already got ya'self a fella, the following list is for you. In fact it's for everyone. It's for every girl. Every girl with a bank balance that has anything more than three big fat 0's in it that is.

When Sunday 14th rolls around you can expect to see me have some qual time with me, myself and I, cos I don't need no man telling me what to do *clicks fingers in sassy triangle* (lol but on a serious note I hope my future hubby isn't reading this).

So regardless of your relationship status, treat yourself this V-day and buy yourself something (or everything) off the following list and give yourself some well deserved self-loving. Cos at the end of the day, if you don't love yourself, who else will!

1. A tea set for one

Well if this doesn't scream "Look at me I'm single" then I don't know what else will. Forget the His & Hers matching crockery appearing in every goddamn store, get something for you and you only. Why I hear you ask? Well here's why. If it's a crockery set for none other than numero uno then you don't have the unnecessary stress about someone else using your fancy mug -  that is quite clearly YOURS AND YOURS ONLY. You don't have to fret about someone else breaking it (of course it's okay if you break it but my god if someone else dare break it - well that's a whole other story). And finally god forbid someone else will even have the audacity to go behind your back, unbeknown to you and use it - that would be taking the absolute biscuit!

So get yourself your own set for one, put the kettle on, devour a whole packet of Tesco's Finest biscuits and in the famous words of JB, love yourself.

2. The snazziest most glitteriest, sparkliest pair of headphones

Block out the haters in these bad boys and listen to your fave album, audio book or video on your own. Zone out and lose yourself in something that only you can really appreciate.

3. The biggest bouquet of flowers

Get yourself the most prettiest, pinkiest, floweriest bouquet of your fave flowers and give them to yourself.

You can even go one step ahead and write a note saying "from your secret admirer" and get them delivered to your door so your family won't think you're some lonely loser (or they'll think you've got a stalker, but hey either way flowers are pretty).

4. A bouquet of cute kittens 

One word.


5. A bouquet of cute ponies

Each to their own...

6. Matching set of underwear

C'mon you can't say you've never put on a matching set of underwear and felt like you could take over the world?! I don't know why, but matching underwear just unleashes your inner boss babe and gives you the power making you feel like you could achieve world domination. It's just fab. So this V Day treat yourself to some pretty new undies and a matching bra. I suggest browsing the Victoria's Secret page or for a more affordable alternative defo check out H&M's lingerie.

7. Fancy chocolate

Get yourself some really fancy choc. By that I don't mean the chocolate from your local supermarket that's £2 more than the basic range. By fancy chocolate I mean proper fancy chocolate. You know the stuff. The stuff you wouldn't dare buy if you just fancied a little cheeky choco snack. The stuff you walk past in the shops and go "oooooh that looks yummy" - that's the stuff I'm talking about. And now you have an actual excuse to consume some of that heavenly stuff.

8. Waffle Maker

Who in the whole of the world wouldn't want a waffle maker?! Who wouldn't want to be able to make waffles all day everyday?! Uhh not me that's for sure. Imagine the Insta pics you could upload of these dreamy waffles.

9. This mug

If you don't get anything else on this list, just get this - oh and a large bottle of vodka too.

10. This bear sleeping bag

If you want to hide away from all your problems, have the best nights sleep ever and look like a werido, then this is a must.

11. A rose scented candle

If you can't fathom the idea of sending yourself a bouquet of roses, this can be your substitute - on the plus side, it will last way longer.

12. These glasses

Oh Ma Gaawwwwd. I need these. And so do you. Plain glasses are just so boring and darling, you're not boring.

13. A pair of shoes

Whether that be a pair of sexy Kurt Geiger's you've been eyeing up or those pair of boots from Zara, treat yourself to a pair of killer shoes. Go on, treat those feet of yours. 

14. Lipstick

Pink, red, orange, nude or whatever your fave colour is, treat your pout to a fresh lippy and go kiss the boys and make them cry ;)

Gwarrrn, treat yo' self.

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