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I think saying that I've been M.I.A. on my blog for the last couple of months is an understatement, to be honest; I've just 100% neglected it. I left blogging to the last thing on my mental to-do list and over the summer holiday's I never found the urge to blog anything. Don't get me wrong, my summer was jammed packed with all kinds of things that I could have blogged about and shared with you all but I ended up taking an unexpected break from bethanyemerton.com and I'm sorry about that (I really am soz).

Like I mentioned in my Update: 07/08/2015, my lack of posting is mostly down to me chillin', killin', relaxin' and eatin' over the (much needed) summer holidays and blogging was up there with my must do's. I've also recently got a (proper) part-time job and so a lot of my time has been dedicated to earning some extra dolla cos you know gal needs money for makeup and clothes and food. 

But before I lie and say that you'll be getting a post from me everyday from now on, I'll tell you the truth. I'd love to post daily but due to work and sixth form commitments that might not be the case. When this post goes live I will hopefully have some pre-written posts scheduled so if I ever don't have time to post I can do a Blue Peter special and share with you something I created earlier. So expect to see more posts from me in the near future and make sure you follow me on my Twitter so you can keep up to date when I next post.

So for now that's all I've got to say for myself.

Thanks for reading!

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