6 Upcoming Fashion Trends That You Need To Look Out For

Autumn has got to be my favourite time of the year.

Not only because it's the season of my birthday (FYI it's 17th September if ya want to get me a little something something) but also because Autumnal fashion is by far my fave - soz Summer, you suck.

It's the season of chunky knits, COATS AND JACKETS <3 <3 <3, boots (heeled ones obvs), fur and my fave thing of all, roll necks. Autumn fashion is just damn amazing.

This season, and already hitting the highstreet shops, are a few familiar pieces that have snuck their way into AW15 and made a much appreciated comeback. The colour scheme for the upcoming months sets to be a mixture of browns, camel, grey and khaki and all of the above are colours that are slowly creeping into my wardrobe too.

So put on your fluffy socks, snuggle up under a blanket and grab yourselves a cuppa and read on...


Fur coats. Fur scarves. Fur trims. The lot. Fur is back and better than ever.

The highstreet has already had an influx of fur gilets ready for the season ahead (cough cough proud owner of two over here) and more fur is on it's way. Be prepared to lust over the classic fur coats again set to be popular in your standard black, brown and cream as well as daring mink. As well as the iconic fur coats, fur scarves are the perfect transitional piece to get you right through from the beginning of Autumn right round up to Spring of 2016. Through on over a plain white tee and leather pants and you're good to go.

Fur trimmed leather jackets are also making a comeback and their yearly appearance in highstreet shops has already begun (see Topshop and Primark for said beauties). Adding to the already long list of fur; bags and clutch bags in particular are being giving a fluffy makeover and are a statement accessory for AW15. Fluff up a simple monochrome outfit with a mink fur clutch for a simple and trendy Autumnal look.

2. The Smart Jacket

Trench coats, tailored blazers and longline dusters are all a key essential to get you through Autumn and Winter this year. These smart style jackets will dress up any outfit and paired with trainers, you can create a smart sporty look.

Keep the jackets in classic colours to ensure that each piece will be timeless. Try light wash camel, greys, navy and khaki for a chic touch to an outfit. Pair with cigarette trousers and loafers for the ultimate look.

3. Chunky Knits

This isn't a trend as such, but chunky knits are a AW staple and here's some of my faves.

For the perfect on trend throwover, grab yourself a chunky roll neck knitted jumper and combine two trends in one - clever, eh?!

4. Suede

That 70's vibe is back and appearing in all different pieces of clothing. From skirts, to thigh high boots, dresses and jackets, suede will soon be making a dent in your wardrobe. Most high street stores are stocking up on suedette (faux suede) and in bright and bold colours. Mustard, rust, burgundy and brown are some of the more popular colours and worn with an all black ensemble they subtling inject texture and colour.

Try and stick to one suede (or suedette) piece per outfit unless you're feeling really brave. Zara has got some awesome pieces at the moment and a few of their suede pieces even have tassels too - how 70's.

5. Pointed Shoes

This includes flats as well as heels. As a firm lover of a pointed shoe, the fact that they're on trend has got me hella excited. A pointed shoes just adds that extra touch of sophistication into an outfit and whether you opt for flat, a slight block heel or a stiletto heel, get your hands on some pointed shoes and give your feet a classy makeover.

6. Sleeveless Blazers

If you haven't seen a sleeveless blazer by now, umm babe what have you been doing?!

These bad boys have already made their way into the high street in tailored and slouchy varieties. They're the perfect transitional piece and can be worn with a basic tee for when the weather's warmer or a chunky roll neck for a more cooler day. Play it safe and stick to white, camel, khaki and black to ensure you can mix and match colours with ease underneath.

And that's my top 6 AW15 upcoming trends that you need to look out for!

Thanks for reading!

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