Where Else Can You Find Me?

I thought for today's post I'll make it a quick and simple one with links to my other social media accounts, bcos of course you'll want to follow me on every single social media platform cos durh, why not?!

Anyway here are ma links:


Okay so within the last week I have rekindled my love for Pinterest. It's just amazeballs. If you're looking for inspo for anything from fashion to food and room ideas, you'll 100% find it on there. My fave pins resemble things that are marble, black and white room decor and street style.

So gwarn, give me a follow and have a look through my boards.


If you're not following me already (uh why the eff wouldn't you?!), here's the link to my Instagram account. There's no real theme to my Insta, you may get the odd selfie here and there and maybe a sky pic but it's more likely like you'll get pics of food and scenery.

Hit the follow button and enjoy.


Follow for dog updates, complaints about everything and eating food - that's basically all I tweet about. Also give me a follow on Twitter for daily blog post updates and make sure you're one step ahead of the game.


You can also follow my Bloglovin account for blog updates and to see what other blogs I've been lovin - see what I did there, did ya?

And that's all for today's post.

Thanks for reading!

To contact me, or for business related inquiries, please feel free to email me at bethany@bethanyemerton.com

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