Friday Faves: 31st July 2015

Whilst you're reading this I'll be in Majorca soaking up some rays, probs with a cocktail in one hand and a chick-lit read in the other, so there's that for you to envy.

Anyway, today is Friday and that means it's time for a weekly faves post.

At the start of the week you may have seen this post about my highstreet makeup haul and a few of my buys from there may have also snuck into this post at the end of the week. As well as a few makeup-y bits, there's a fair amount of food and drink in this weeks post too.

1. Makeup Revolution Blush & Contour Palette in Golden Sugar

How could I not start off with this bad boy?! It's just so dreamy and magical and fab and beautiful and, well you get the idea. Just look at it in all of it's shiny and glittery gorgeousness. At £6 I really couldn't say no. By no means does it even look £6 anyway!

Claiming to be a "Blush" palette, and being the anti-blush user that I am, I shocked myself when I bought it. Yeah okay, I'm not the biggest fan of blush but JUST LOOK AT IT. I've already tried out a few of the shades already and have used a couple of them as contour, highlight and a bit of a bronzer, so this isn't just a "blush" palette.

It's perfect for brightening up your face for the summer and the powders could also be used for eyeshadow too - how versatile!

Go get this palette. Even if you buy it just to drool over. Go get it.

2. MUA Lipstick in Shade Juicy

Another product from my highstreet makeup haul, I've mentioned this lipstick here already but it defo needs another mention. For £1 I really can't complain. MUA did good with this one.

Juicy is MUA's your-lips-but-better kinda shade and is a creamy pink shade which is perfect for everyday wear. Not only does this £1 bargain just come in bullet form, unscrew the bottom and you also get a small potted version of the stuff, it's bloody fab.

3. Veggie Percy Pigs

Ever since I heard that M&S were (supposedly) going to stop selling their Percy Pigs by the checkouts, I had a sudden urge to go buy a pack asap.

And I did.

We all know how good those little piglets are, they just taste heavenly and there are so many different combos to buy. But I thought I'd change it up a bit and buy the veggie pack. And in all seriousness, they're SO much better than the non-veggie ones. I don't know how, but they just taste amaze.

Oh yeah and soz about the empty packet in the photo. What was I supposed to do? Take and photo and then eat them? Nah. They were too good to wait for.

4. Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea Drink

Cute packaging or what?!

I'm a fan of Arizona Green Tea for two reasons, #1 for the packaging and #2 because they taste so damn good. You get half a litre and for 99p I aint complaining. It's so fruity and refreshing and tastes just as good as the packaging looks. You can get these from most places now as many supermarkets are jumping on the American band wagon and stocking all kind of (overpriced) American food stuffs.

If you're into green tea, fruity drinks or cute packaging, go and pick up this dreamy drink and quench your thirst.

5. Toe Ring 

I was debating whether or not to include a photo of my toe ring in this bcos y'know, toes and feet are kinda gross and yeah well, you get the idea. But this little beauty is something I picked up a couple of years ago on, you guessed it, a summer holiday. Toe rings and ankle bracelets are just typical holiday souvenirs and of course keeping to tradition, I bought one (I'll probs make it a thing and buy another toe ring on this hol).

But anyway, this one in particular is from a market in Cyprus so soz, can't link where to get it from unless you trek it to Paphos in search for it but c'mon toe rings aren't hard to find. It's just a simple toe ring style band with suns engraved around it. Super cute.

This little bit of metal on my toe makes me feel all Mediterranean and cool and summery (this toe ring is about as summery as I get). So there's that for you to picture.

That's all for today's post brb whilst I go get another Sex On The Beach and soak up some rays (lol soz).

Thanks for reading!

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