25 Problems Only Kids Who Grew Up In The Noughties Will Remember

Ahh childhood. Remember it? It was the time when your only worries were whether or not you'd be home in time to watch Tracy Beaker and making sure you had your mobile phone makeup palette with you AT. ALL. TIMES. - got to be prepared with some pink sparkly lippy cos durh. Weren't they just the best times?

Here are 35 problems that only kids who grew up in the noughties will remember (soz if you grew up in the tweenies)....

1. Wanting your room to be covered in everything and anything Groovy Chick, because you just had to have a Groovy Chick bean bag and Groovy Chick curtains, durh.

2. When your Christmas list consisted of cuttings from the Argos catalogue which you never actually got.

3. Not knowing what WordArt to use - OH EM GEE rainbow or the cool blue sea one?!?!?!?!

4. Deciding what song lyric to put in your MSN bio was the hardest choice ever

5. Missing Tracy Beaker because you were at your swimming class and feeling like your life was over - BOG OFF 

6. When someone guessed your Girl Tech password and all your secrets were revealed "I <3 Sam 4 evs xo"
7. Going on holiday and only being allowed to buy two presents for your friends so you had to choose between basically everyone in your year

8. And then you'd have to give them out in secret at school so no one else got mad that you didn't buy them a €1 bracelet 

9. Not getting free makeup in your Girl Talk magazine and feeling like your chances of being grown up are being hindered - WHERE IS MY SPARKLY LIPGLOSS?!?!

10. Not knowing what song to bluetooth your friend - Crazy Frog or Who Let The Dogs Out, the struggle was real

11. When your mum wouldn't let you buy any more cargo trousers or sequined halter neck tops from Tammy Girl 

12. Not getting a new phone but being given your parents old Nokia, but who cares, you can play snake
13. Running out of credit and not being able to text your crush back with another heart emoji - aka a potentially relationship crushing moment

14. Not knowing who you were as a person anymore because Girl Talk's friendship quiz made you out to be something that you were defs not

15. Only being allowed to buy Girl Talk and not Mizz or Bliss because apparently they were "too grown up" for you - "but MUUUUM it's got Avril Lavigne on the front!!!"           

16. Cutting the hair on your Girls World and instantly regretting it because you know it would never grow back - wonky bob forevermore

17. The heart stopping moment when the teacher caught you passing notes with your friends in class and read the notes aloud 

18. When your whole life was determined by MASH and you knew you'd end up living in a shed with 600 kids and £1 to your name

19. Losing one of the segments in a changeable pencil and never being able to use it again

20. Wanting to dress up like your fave Bratz doll but y'know you couldn't because a lace up corset and a demin mini skirt were probs not that appropraite for a 7 year old on mufti day

21. The heart wrenching moment when Woolworths closed down and you no longer could buy your Barbie wedged flip flops - bye bye Woolies :'(

22. Having the biggest collection of smelly gel pens but not being able to write with the Coconut and Banana flavoured ones because they were basically white - tragic

23. When you had just applied your coolest hair tattoo and then the soul crushing moment happened when your mum told you it was time for a shower - "BUT MUM IT'S A GLITTER BUTTERFLY, I CAN'T WASH IT OFF YET"

24. Customising your fave pair of Matalan flared jeans with diamante stickers which would come off in the wash and your Matalan flares would look SO boring - thanks Mum

25. When Nestle stopped putting free prizes in cereal boxes - no more cool toys at breakfast :'( :'( :'(

Bethany Emerton

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger from Bournemouth.