Friday Faves: 5th June 2015

Guys it's June. Well it has been for 5 days but you get what I mean.

It's already bloody June.

I feel like now is the perfect opportunity to say something cliche like "It felt like it was Christmas only yesterday" or "Oh em gee time has flown by" and maybe even pushing it at "It was 2014 like the other day".

But yeah if you hadn't guessed, it's June.

My AS exams are finally over, my holiday starts tomorrow and life is good. Yup.

Anyway faves and stuff.

Apart from a few things, I haven't really been crazy obsessed with or rekindled my love for anything new this week. Soz.

But here's the minority that I have been loving this week...

BiorĂ© Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser

Firstly, I'd like to thank my cousin for this and for making my skincare routine a whole different story.

This is the work of the gods. This is a game changer. This is fab. 

I've heard a lot about BiorĂ© before from blogs and reviews and a few things here in there about the Charcoal cleanser but never enough to make me think that it was something that I desperately needed in my life. Oh boy was I wrong. This is literally a must have for anyone like me who's skin is basically an oil rig. Yeah try picturing that. I don't know whether it's my lack of hunting for or being able to find anything that works wonders on my pores but now I think I've found it.

This bad boy is only £4.99, comes in a squirty pump (hallelujah praise the lord) and is everything you and your skin has ever needed. It's even above my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanse & Polish which is triple the price and something I thought was the answer to all my prayers, guess not - soz Lizzie.

If your pores are in need of a good ol' scrubbing or you fancy changing up your skincare routine, get this. Head on down to Boots and get it. You can thank me later.

Heist Society By Ally Carter

I'm mid way through a book. Bethany Emerton. A book. Really? Crazy, I know.

I've always loved the idea of reading and always been envious of people who can be like "Yeah I've read a book in one day" or "I love reading" and "I have so much time to read" - yeah basically I wish I was a book worm.

Even though ironically I actually have quite a large collection of books that I've read the first few chapters of and then basically had no time to carry on reading which makes me hate myself so much because deep down I bloody love reading.

But a few years ago I bought Lauren Conrad's LA Candy trilogy and managed to read the first two books in like a year (yeah I know that probably does sound like a long time but for me that's my PB) and by the time I got round to reading the third I had completely forgot what had happened in the first two so I told myself I couldn't read it and yeah that's how that story ended. So I've basically never picked up a book again because I didn't want to not have time to read it but look where I am now. No more exams aka let's read a book (omfg what is happening to me).


I picked this book up because y'know the cover looks good and before you scream "NEVER JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER" you can shut up because please, everyone judges everything by the cover. How could I turn it down with a girl looking that cool with her sunnies on!!! But something about this book has just got me hooked. I'd like to think it's my intellectual nature and yearning to expand my knowledge and vocab but really what I think has got me hooked is the AMAZING storyline and the fact that each chapter is literally only two pages long so I basically think I've read loads and tell myself that I'm such a speedy reader when really I've read about 7 pages BUT IT KEEPS ME GOING OKAY.

I'm not going to explain to you what it's about but all I can say is that if you like crime, spies but with a classy twist you're gonna bloody love this.

So yeah this book is my fave.

My room

Okay this is a bit of a general one but no seriously recently I've been loving my room.

Maybe it was because I gave it a mega deep clean on Tuesday - and by deep clean I mean DEEP CLEAN - and now I can actually see what it looks like and I love it. My room is never particularly messy (like I literally can't think straight if my room doesn't look somewhat clean) but now it's never looked better.

I'm pretty sure I went through a whole can of Mr Sheen (oops soz mum) and cleaned every surface and every nook and cranny my room has and it's now basically like a germaphobe and dust allerigics idea of heaven. Even though the amount of white makes it look slightly like a clinical stroke cosy hospital room, it looks fab and photos really don't do it (or my cleaning skills) any justice.

 I even changed my bedsheets and hoovered EVERYWHERE.

Come at me boys.

Wifey material right here.


I'm sure it's raspberry season or something. It must be. The raspberries that I've had recently have just been so sweet and so tasty and just so much better than usual. Yeah it's defo raspberry season.

I've been loving raspberries this week due to said reasons above. There's just something about them that changes a fruit salad from "ooh nice" to "OH YEAHHH" and I'm loving it.

There's not really much more to say than that really. Oh and side note, they're lush paired with mango and homemade froyo *insert eye heart emoji here*.

And that's it for this weeks Friday Faves, I did say it would only be a short one but there you go!

Thanks for reading!

Bethany x

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