5 Instagram Accounts That You Should Be Following

I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram.

Sometimes I'm all over it like thrush and can't get enough of seeing peoples salads, bikini photos and photos of the sky and end up refreshing the app every 20 seconds to see if anything new has been posted - and of course something new is ALWAYS there.

And other times I can't help but hate said photos of salads, bikinis and sky pics and would much rather prefer to scroll through twitter and blow extra air out of my nose as a way of laughing at the top banter that's on there.

But at the moment I'm all over Insta. Not so much the filters anymore - I mean seriously last year all I used was Valencia and X-Pro and maybe even tweaked the brightness on one or two occasions and the photos didn't even turn out that great (even though when I posted them I thought I was the top dollar and was going to get all the likes).

Nevertheless I'm loving Instagram at the moment and here are 5 Instagram accounts that I'm always eager to see appear on my feed and ones that you should be following.

1. Homesickblog

Ahh interior. Beautiful, white, minimal and clean interiors. Aka the love of my life. The 3 danish girls that run homesickblog know their shiz. Although most, if not all, of their captions are in another language - which I'm guessing is Danish - their photos are ON POINT and are so appealing to the eye.

Words cannot describe how beautiful the photos are to look at, you're just going to have to see for yourself. You can thank me later.

2. Powleys

If you're looking for perfect photography, then look no further.

This Instagram account belongs to the photography genius that is my friend Sidonie. This girl knows her angles. She can take a cappuccino and turn it into a photography masterpiece, she can turn a simple building into a piece of architectural wonder, I don't know how she does it but she does it goooooood.

Srsly, go check her Instagram out.

Go give her a follow and thank me when you see her wonderful photos appear on your feed.


3. Beauty and The Blog

Meet the face behind beautyandtheblog, Michelle a self proclaimed beauty addict is a Youtuber and Blogger from London. Her contour, eyebrows and fashion sense is more than on fleek, it's past fleek and her Instagram shows this.

Follow her for beauty, fashion, lifestyle and more and join me and her 73,000 followers who envy everything about her from her makeup collection to her Nike gym attire.

4. Sarah Ashcroft (That Pommie Girl)

If you thought Beautyandtheblog gave you style envy, then think again. Sarah from That Pommie Girl has got it going on. From her recent holiday to Ibiza to her crazy shoe collection, nothing screams "LET ME BE YOU" more than her Instagram will make you feel.

Take a tour round her Instagram and if you're not feeling than envious then scoot over to her blog and Youtube and I'm sure you'll change your mind. Her classy yet trendy and cool style will certainly make you want to go shopping and recreate her entire wardrobe asap.

5. Public Desire

The shoe company that is Public Desire is next on the list. This brand has shoes to die for and are always one step (see what I did there) ahead of the game.

Their account should be illegal, it is literally shoe porn.

From lace ups to over the knees and classic heels that'll take you from season to season, they've got it covered and boy is their shoe game strong.

And that's my top five Instagram accounts and ones that you should defo be following.

Thank you for reading!

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