43 Things That Have Probably Happened to You When You Pack For Holiday

We've all had to do it at some point in our lives, but being a girl it just gets harder. There's SOOO much that you just have need to take and with luggage restrictions, things can become a bit stressful.

Here are 43 things that have probably happened to you when you pack for holiday...

1. Right where do I begin

2. Okay shoes

3. What shoes shall I take?

4. I do really need to take 7 pairs of shoes

5. I'm going for 7 days that's basically one shoe per day

6. I *might* need these nude minimalist heels, you never know what could happen

7. The more I pack the more options I have, I'm so clever

8. I'm defo going to pack a book I love reading *hasn't read a book in a good 2 years*

9. Are 12 tops enough for 7 days?????

10. Yeah I'm defo taking my makeup

11. Of course I'm going to contour, highlight and have a full face of foundation on everyday in 30 degree temperatures

12. I've got to look super trendy on this holiday

13. Different outfit for each day? I think so

14. Shall I take my floppy hat?

15. Why isn't my case closing?

16. I'm sure I've only packed 2 days worth of outfits 

17. I don't remember packing this dress?!?!

18. Even though these wedges weigh about 2 stone I just HAVE to take them with me

19. Imagine me strutting around the pool in these bad boys

20. These dresses don't weigh anything 

21. Why are the scales lying to me??!!!!

22. How can I be over by 3kgs

23. I haven't even packed my outfits for the evening yet

24. What about my new Missguided dress, how's that going to fit in now?!?!?!

25. Do I need to take a hairdryer?

26. There should be on there? Shouldn't there?

27. I'll take in anyway y'know just in case

28. Right I'm going to have to start again

29. Something's got to give


31. Maybe I'll just go commando whilst I'm there

32. Yeah packing no knickers will save some room

33. And then I can fit my Missguided dress in

34. Oh wait, what's that pile of tropical, summery looking clothes doing over there

35. I've still got to fit ALL THAT in THIS

36. Send help

37. SOS

38. Maybe I should get a bigger suitcase

39. Do I risk it and risk paying for extra at the airport???

40. No I need to save the money for all the prezzies that I'm going to buy

41. Wait but what about room for all the prezzies I buy when I'm there??!?!?!

42. I'm defo going to have to get a bigger suitcase

43. For the 7th time, let's start again

Bethany Emerton

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger from Bournemouth.

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