34 Thoughts I Had Whilst Waiting At The Airport

Whilst you're reading this I'm in Spain. Yup. Chilling in blisteringly hot temperatures whilst you're probs at school or at work. Soz.

This is my first time that I will have flown solo and I feel like I *might* break out into Jason Derulo's Ridin' Solo at any moment - I'm sure the party of "lads" behind me might appreciate it or the woman talking to herself in front of me, who knows what could happen.


When I wrote this I was sat at my gate with a RIDICULOUSLY over priced bottle of Evian, a copy of Cosmo and a packet Mentos to keep me going.

And here's what I was thinking...

1. £2.19 for a bottle of water A BOTTLE OF WATER

2. No thanks, I'll rather dehydrate

3. Only joking babe I need you

4. So many magazines which one do I choose????

5. The one with the free sunnies of course

6. Come to mumma Cosmo

7. I can see way too many straw hats and dodgy tan lines

8. Have I just seen someone I know???

9. What a small world

10. If the "boyz on tour" party behind me scream "Let's get f*cking mortal" one more time I'll run them over with my suitcase

11. They look about as tragic as the lads you see on Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents

12. Maybe they're on it

13. Who knows

14. At least they don't have matching "Pussy Patrol" t-shirts though

15. 35 minutes till I board buzzzzinnnn

16. Maybe I should have another look in duty free

17. You never know I might find something that I don't need but still want to buy

18. Y'know like a really expensive bottle of perfume that I won't actually be able to bring home cos liquid restrictions

19. I'm on holiday YOLO

20. Well technically not just yet

24. Give it *looks at time* another 33 mins and then I will be

25. I miss my family already

26. And my dog

27. Omg how am I going to live a week without my dog :((((((((((((

28. 30 mins till boarding

29. I hope I'm not sat next to someone who a) wants to spark conversation or b) takes up more then one seat (if you get what I mean)

30. And I bloody better not be sat next to a screaming baby

31. Just think about it 2 hours from now I'll be chilling in 30 degree heat

32. Whilst everyone else goes to school or work

33. LOL

34. Okay quickly just one more look in duty free

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