31 Things That I Want To Do By The End Of Summer

WARNING - the following post is mega cringey, full of cliches and *might* make you want to vom a little

Don't say I didn't warn you.

At the beginning of the year we all make New Years resolutions that by the 2nd of January we've *probably* already broken (yup I'm guilty) thanks to life just getting in the way.

However in summer, it's a complete other story. There's 6 weeks of freedom. 6 weeks to do whatever you like, whenever you like and however you like. And unlike the beginning of the year, plans that you make don't always get broken.

Every year I always say something mega cringe like "this summer is going to be my summer" or "this summer is going to be the best summer ever" and don't get me wrong, most of the time the summer is good but just not how I envisioned it being.

However this year I thought I'd make myself a bucket list/things I want to have done by summer that will not only inspire me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things but also to inspire you reading this now.

Let the cringe and cliche commence...

1. Go on a spontaneous trip somewhere

2. Watch the sunset

3. Go to a drive-thru movie

4. Learn how to drive (again)

5. Have a picnic

6. Go camping

7. Go on a road trip

8. Learn how to do something new

9. Make S'mores

10. Learn how to do yoga

11. Walk instead of using a car or bus

12. Participate in a colour run

13. Swim in the sea

14. Get a job

15. Release a Chinese lantern

16. See a shooting star

17. Make new friends

18. Do something outside my comfort zone

19. Go somewhere that I have never been before

20. Meet up with old friends

21. Try and do something new everyday

22. Start running/jogging

23. Take up a new hobby

24. Do something I would never normally do

25. Wear a bikini and be comfortable in it

26. Enjoy a moment rather than photographing it

27. Have a picnic

28. Do something spontaneous

29. Put other people before myself

30. Rekindle old friendships

31. Have the best summer ever

If that didn't wanted to make you vom just a little then I hope it inspired you to do some of those things above by the end of summer.

Before this can be any more cringe, I'll sign off here.

Thank you for reading!

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