14 Reasons Why It's ALWAYS Acceptable To Wear An All Black Outfit

On Wednesday's we wear pink black.

If your wardrobe bears no colour other than black (okay maybe a bit of grey here and there) then you know what it's like to wear an all black outfit. Yeah you get the odd remark "You should wear colour" and "Oh em gee you always wear black" but the truth is we aint gonna change. Yeah so what if it's Summer, so what if it's Winter, an all black outfit is the answer to any situation.

And here are 14 reasons why it's ALWAYS acceptable to wear an all black outfit.

1. Black is a slimming colour

Uh durh who doesn't want to look slimmer??? *doesn't insert the girl raising her hand emoji* It's basically like a diet where you don't even have to diet. All you do is thrown on an all black outfit and you already look like you've dropped a dress size. Fab.

2. Everything looks better in black

If in doubt, black. What colour t-shirt shall I wear today? Black. What colour jeans shall I wear today? Black. You get the idea.

3. It makes you look SO sassy and fierce

*insert ALL the sassy emojis* You can be that bass ass chick who struts down the street in an all black outfit. All black outfits give you power. They give you sass. And make you look fierce. Be that girl.

4. Black clothes don't stain

(Well except white deodorant marks oh and white dog hair) Unlike white or any other coloured clothing (wait what, there's more colours other than black?!?!?! who knew), black clothing doesn't stain. So you can forget the fear that comes with white jeans, wear black and you'll be worry-free.

5. Basically takes no effort

Uh hello extra 30 mins in bed. When deciding what to wear in the mornings, why give up your beauty sleep in a bid to find something to match that coloured top you want to wear. Forget about it. Black on top, black on bottom and you're good to go. Zero effort is required yet you still look FAB (obvs) - plus you get extra sleep, so who's winning now.

6. It matches your soul

So they say you are what you eat and that your personality "shines" through your clothing. Black like your soul. You take sh*t form no one. AKA an all black outfit means "f*ck you get out of my way peasant". You cold-hearted bitch you.

7. It's always in fashion

So you look, fit, fierce and fashionable. Babes you've got it going on. Yeah some trends may come and go but black, well black is forever.

8. You can go kray kray with accesories

Yeah on one or two occasions you might want to spice up your outfit with a statement necklace here or a stand out clutch there. But they won't look as good as they will with an all black ensemble. Defo a fashionista.

9. All black outfits always match

There's no faffing around trying to match prints with other prints. Stick to black and getting ready in the morning will be a whole lot easier. Black top and black trousers? I think so.

10. Because you can

Gurl you're fabulous. If you can rock an all black attrire (which I'm sure you can) go for it girl.

11. You're basically a #GIRLBOSS

If Queen B, Kim and Riri can do it then so can you. You're basically one of them. You're up there with the big dogs - girl you made it *flicks hair*

12. You look like you've made an effort

You look well put together and like you know your sh*t when really you picked the black clothes that were scattered on your bedroom floor and sniffed which ones were remotely clean.

13. With an all black outfit you can conquer the world

Something happens to you when you wear an all black outfit. You feel invinsible. You can do anything. You're in an all black outfit aka you're ready for world domination.

14. All black outfits are so versatile

Wear it to the gym and make it a funeral for your fat. Wear it to work and look hella sophisticated, the possibilities are endless. With an all black look you're ready for whatever life throws at you.

So if in doubt. Black. Trust me.

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