Update: Where Have I Been?

It's almost been 2 months, yes 2 whole months since my linguistic abilities, wit (that's debatable) and passion has graced bethanyemerton.com. I had no choice but to give blogging a back-seat for a while whilst my full attention had to be on revising and sitting my AS exams. This long and tedious period is almost over and soon you will have my full attention, I promise!

With three exams down and four to go over the course of the rest of May and beginning of June, I thought I'd save you all from bethanyemerton.com withdrawal symptoms and give you a hint at what's to come once exams are out of the way.

As you know may notice, my blog has had a slight transformation. My theme/layout has changed in order to pave the way for my blogging comeback and with that I've also changed my logo too - it's the little things in life, eh? Although a few nips and tucks need to be made here and there, the new layout is the beginning of my return.

So what's to come?

The day my exams are over, my posts will be back on track and coming at you daily. It will consist of the usual product reviews, Week In Photos, lists, of course your weekly dosage of Friday Faves but most importantly of course, new content.

I'm travelling and seeing many new places in the next few months and there's no doubt that you will be able to experience it all with me as I document it along the way. Be prepared for new recipes, new top tips and, wait for it........a Sephora haul (watch this space!!!).

Thank you all so much for being patient as my blog has been forced to have a back-seat these last couple of months. It won't be long till you get that notification in your mailbox telling you that there's a new post on bethanyemerton.com! So sit back and watch this space...

Bethany x

To contact me, or for business related inquiries, please feel free to email me at bethany@bethanyemerton.com


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