My Week In Photos #7

This week has felt like it's lasted no more than 2 minutes, it's gone by so quick and even though everyday has been jampacked, it felt like Monday was only yesterday. I've spent this week seeing friends and family, finishing off some holiday shopping and soaking up some rays on the odd occasion where the weather has been May appropriate.

With half term almost over and my final exam lurking around the corner, next week should be a gooden with no school and my holiday starting at the end of the week.

Anyway, photos and that.

1. Sky Pic

Durh it's a sky pic. Standard procedure really. This one I particularly love because of the rays of sunshine peaking through the trees just before it set one evening. The perks of having an attic bedroom is that I get the best views and photo opportunities when it comes to sky pics, winner.

2. Seeing Friends

On Monday I was lucky enough to be able to see all my friends from my old school at a party. It's a rarity that we get to catch up because of everyones different school times, distance and plans but luckily we had a good meet up on Monday.

3. Upton Country Park

Early on in the week my parents, my dog and I went for a walk around the grounds of Upton Country Park in the blistering sunshine. At something absurd like 23 degrees, it was the perfect day for a walk. Of course I snapped a few (okay more like 20) shots along the way but this one of some flowers was my favourite.

4. Lunch At Azzurro

After hours of shopping and walking around Gunwharf Quays last Monday, my family and I found this restaurant situated on the second floor of the shopping centre and thank god we did. A modern take on classic Italian cuisine, Azzurro covers all the expected. From pizza to pasta, risotto and salads, they've got it all! I opted for Spigola All'Arancia - which is basically sea bass on a bed of orange, fennel and mint salad with an orange dressing and Mediterranean vegetables on the side - aka delish.

If you're ever in Gunwharf Quays and fancy a bite to eat, I definitely recommend!

And that's all for today's post, thanks for reading!

Bethany x

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