My Week In Photos #6

It's my first week (well few days to be precise) back to blogging after my revision and exam saturated break, but I'm back and here's a My Week In Photos for you.

You can probably imagine what my weeks been like, apart from a few highlights here and there and a massive one on Thursday (which can you read about here) it's mainly consisted of me with a pen in my hand trying to force feed myself information which as of today I now no longer need.

Anyway, enough with the revision talk. Here are this weeks My Week In Photos...

1.Sky Pic

A weekly photos post wouldn't be complete without a good old sky pic would it?! I snapped this early on last week when my mother screamed "Bets look at the sky" knowing full well that I'd have my phone handy ready to capture the sunset.


Yes I know, it's a selfie. It's a rare occasion if I even do take a selfie and an even rarer occasion that it actually gets uploaded to some form of social media. But this one made the cut and I managed to hit the share button on Instagram, so here it is for you to enjoy!

3. Smoothie

Even since I blew the dust of my smoothie maker (which I only bought back in January) the other day to make this smoothie, I felt obliged to make another. This one that you can see here is one of my favourites as it's so quick to make and never fails. It's banana, frozen berries, crushed ice and coconut milk - I definitely recommend!

4. Purple Blossom Tree

I couldn't help but stop and take a photo of this tree whilst on a walk the other day. I've only ever seen cherry blossom trees before and never seen a purple blossom tree. However now I've learnt from research (yes I did just say research) that my eyes weren't deceiving me and this was in fact a purple blossom tree which technically goes by the name of "Jacaranda" - see you do learn something new everyday. Before I start sounding like a middle-age nature enthusiast, yeah the tree was pretty so I snapped a photo okay done.

5. Friday Afternoon View

If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen this - and hopefully liked it. This was my view last Friday afternoon after all my errands and chores had been done *wipes sweat off face* and yes by "view" I do mean what I can see from my bed, I had a busy morning I needed a lie down - give a girl a break!

6. Cath Kidston

Of course I can't not talk about this! On Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited down to witness the launch of Cath Kidston's newest challenge of #RandomActsOfKidston taking place in my home town of Bournemouth. Last Thursday's blog post explains what went down and how you can actually hire one of the huts!

And that wraps up today's post. Thank you for reading!

Bethany x

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