Friday Faves: 22nd May 2015

Friday Faves is back. I'm back. It's all good.

I've had plenty to include in this Friday Faves and you'd like to think so considering the last time a Friday Faves appeared on my blog was the 6th March, whoops. This weeks faves is random, really random. There's no running theme throughout and is simply just the things that I've been loving this week - well since March the 6th to be honest.

Anyway. Here it is...

Aloe Vera Plants

Hello my name is Bethany and I'm addicted to Aloe Vera plants.

Yeah okay, you may say three aloe vera plants doesn't qualify to be addicted but who's counting.

A while ago I purchased two of the biggest aloe vera plants I have ever seen and ever since that my obsession just hasn't stopped.

Thye just add a touch of life to my mainly monochrome bedroom. Other than it's simple asthetic appearance, it also has well known health benefits inlcuding cures to burns, who knew!

M&S Melon, Pineapple and Passion Fruit Drink

We all know Marks and Spencer never fail on food and drink, they've just got it perfected. They're my number one for food-on-the-go and their meal deal section always entices me whenever I walk through. I picked this up the other day when buying lunch and instantly knew I had to get it as soon as I saw it!

I've never seen a cantaloupe melon in liquid form before but now that M&S have done it, I'm certain it'll catch on at other supermarkets soon. It's probably easy to guess what it tastes like (melon, pineapple and passion fruit) but the flavours just go together like Ben & Jerry, aka a perfect match. It's one of those drinks that once you've tried you'll crave everytime you need a refreshing pick me up and it certainly quenches your thirst.

Birkenstock Dupes

I've wanted Birkenstocks for a while now but I still somewhat have a love/hate relationship with them. Part of me thinks that they're edgy and cool and the other part of me thinks they look a bit awkward and make your feet 10 sizes bigger - well that might be slight exagguration but you get what I mean.

I saw a pair of dupes in Primark last Summer but failed to pick them up with the fear of looking like some tragic middle-aged Mum of five about to take the kids to the park. Nethertheless, this year I got round to picking them up as almost a trial run before I decied whether to get the real ones or not. So far so good. They're really comfy and fit perfectly.

So if you're like me and undecided about buying the originals, head on down to your nearest Primark and pick up these £5 Birkenstock beauties.

Makeup Sign Wall Art

I've never been the type to decorate my room with art, unless you count covering a wall in nothing but posters of Zayn Malik during an "I <3 One Direction xo :L" phase as art? Then no. A while ago whilst I was picking a few bits up from Home Bargains (if you don't know what it is, the clue is literally in the name) and came across this bargain. I think the thing that drew me to it, other than the £2.99 price tag was the fact that it has a glass backing and is something a little different. I've seen a few similar designs in Home Sense (the total opposite of Home Bargains) but have failed to find any online, partly because I have no idea how to describe it! Frame with writing on? Glass with writing on? Suggestions are welcome!

So far it's just sitting on my Ikea drawers and I think it looks pretty cool. It's one of those things that whenever someone reads it they'll probably say something like "Aw that's nice" and for £2.99 it'll make a pretty background to a blog photo too.

Primark Two Layer Silver Necklace

I've never really been a jewellery person, unlesss it's a statement necklace or a dainty ring, it probably won't catch my eye. It might be down the fact that my wrists are so small that no bracelet has ever fitted me without falling off so I just tend to pass the jewellery section in every shop, unless there's a sale of course.

But for some reason I decided it was time to step out of my comfort zone and venture in the world of jewellery and treat myself. I picked up this silver layered necklace from Primark thinking that it wouldn't matter if I didn't end up suiting me but it turns out it's not that bad. It's dainty enough to not make to much of a statement and the two layered effect just adds a touch of style.

I tend to pair this over a simple plain t-shirt to spruce it up a little and make the outfit look more put together on days where spending ages choosing an outfit go wear isn't an option.


Wow, how interesting. I know, I know it's a pretty boring fave if you're not anything like me and my friend Scarlett (you should defo check out her blog) who practically go weak at the knees everytime we end up in the stationery aisle. This is practical and useful for anyone who needs to plan out a revision schedule, blog post ideas or as a place to jot down things to remember and it's been my saviour for planning and scheduling around my exams.

I picked this up for something crazy like £1.50 in ASDA and it comes with a magnetic whiteboard pen and eraser as well as two magnets - you can't go wrong!

Aldi Shampoo and Conditioner

I told you this weeks faves were a bit random. But trust me, here me out.

I think I've found a dupe for Aussie shampoo. You can kind of guess by looking at the packaging that Aldi have got inspiration from the wonders of hair care themselves but they've done a pretty good job. The smell is fab and much nicer than the original Aussie, the consistency and results are almost exactly the same.

It's worth popping down to an Aldi to try it out as its only a fraction of the price compared to the Aussie number and just as good!

And that's all for this weeks Friday Faves, once again apologies for the random nature of the one but thank you for reading!

Bethany x

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