53 Thoughts Every Girl Has Whilst Shopping In Primark

Don't lie, you secretly love Primark. From the 50p bargains you may stumble across whilst rummaging through an overflowing rack somewhere in the deepest darkest depths of the shop to the tragic t-shirts which really shouldn't be legal to buy, you've got to admit you've probably found some goodens in there somewhere.

Regardless of Primarks tendencies to be jam packed with people (like literally why are there so many people in there all the time?!) and to make you spend WAY more money than you needed to, you've got to love the place.

And here's 53 thoughts every girl has whilst shopping in Primark...

1. I'm in Primark why am I here

2. It looks like a bomb has exploded

3. Shall I get a basket?

4. Do I need a basket?

5. I've got a basket

6. Bloody hell these things are massive

7. Shall I carry it in the crook of my arm or is that too sassy

8. Ooh look a sale

9. Trousers for 50p, don't mind if I do

10. They're two sizes too big but who cares, THEY'RE 50p

11. Oh god I've just seen someone I know

12. I bet they're judging me for shopping in Primark

13. Oh wait, they're shopping in Primark too

14. The prices have gone up so much now

15. £10 for a skirt you must be having a laugh

16. Last year that skirt would've been £6

17. Inflation eh?!

18. Who am I kidding, it's Primark I could practically buy the whole shop with money in my piggy bank

19. Do I really need that emoji t-shirt?

20. Okay I've just put it in my basket

21. And I may or may not have put the matching leggings in there to


23. Oh look there's someone else I know

24. I've practically seen my whole school in here and I haven't even stepped 10ft into the shop yet

25. Some of these clothes are so tragic I don't even know why they were made

26. Like c'mon seriously who wants to wear an illuminous green tank top with "summer vibes" bejewelled on the front

27. Why are there so many people in here

28. Maybe I should pick up a bright pink lacy thong

29. Hmm yeah I don't have enough of them at home

30. What's that I see?

31. Oh it's a mountain of knickers

32. Best start rummaging then

33. I'll just have a quick look at the homeware section

34. Ooh cute candle

35. How come 5 have accidentally slipped into my basket

36. PUGS


38. Shall I get that pug pillow to match that pug duvet set?

39. No. Stop. You don't need anymore pug-related items

40. Okay maybe just one pillow

41. Why is the queue for the changing rooms so long

42. Whatever I'll just try it on at home and bring it back if it doesn't fit

43. Quick the queue for the till has gone down

44. I hope no one just saw me running

45. Cute slippers

46. Maybe I should get some

47. Ooh Haribo Strawbs I defo need a packet of those

48. Wow the queues gone down quick

49. Why is this cashier so enthusiastic

50. How did I end up spending £56 in here

51. I'm pretty sure I only came in here for one thing

52. Lol look at all these bargains I've got

53. I love Primark

Bethany Emerton

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blogger from Bournemouth.

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