My Week In Photos #5

Hello March. Okay, I don't really have the right to say that because it's almost been a week since March actually began but considering that I missed last weeks My Week In Photos I can, HELLO MARCH.

Sitting here now, trying to think of all of the "fun" things I did this week to share with you all is hard. My week has felt so busy yet I can't remember anything remotely exciting that took place. But whenever this happens, I just turn to my trusty camera roll on my phone and let the photos do the talking...

1. Afternoon Tea at The Mirimar Hotel

I've always been a fan of afternoon tea regardless of the fact that it's a very, shall we say, grey hair saturated hobby (I've been twice in the last two weeks, so it counts as a hobby okay), I just really enjoy it. This week I went with a few members of my family to The Mirimar Hotel in Bournemouth and tucked into miniature puddings, finger sandwiches and of course, scones whilst overlooking the seafront.

2. Mid-Week Haul

These are just a few things I picked up this week, mainly basics, necessities and a bunch of flowers to brighten my day.

3. Sky 

This is a photo I snapped up of the view whilst driving home and was one of those "Ahh, I love where I live" moments.

And that's it for this short but sweet post.

Thanks for reading!




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